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The Pemberville Mental Culture Club met at the home of Karina Hahn on Nov. 14. President Cindy Lohrbach called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Minutes of the October meeting were approved as read. A treasury balance of $1,050.24 was reported. Program booklets will be reprinted and sent to honorary members. They will be invited by phone to the December meeting.

After the business meeting members answered the roll call telling their favorite Thanksgiving food and telling any traditions related to that food.

Karen Schultz then gave a brief presentation about Ukraine and introduced Pat Hinds who told about her experience of helping to bring a Ukranian family to the Easwood area.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. Settled by Slavic peoples in the 9th-13th centuries, it was frequently invaded and ruled by outside powers throughout history. In 1922 it became a Republic of Russia. Ukraine gained independence in 1991 and developed a constitution in 1996. The country has a “Left” which is pro West and a “Right” which is pro Russia. It is one of the poorer countries in Europe. Ukraine is an exporter of agricultural products and the 6th largest producer of wheat. They also manufacture trucks, airplanes, and aircraft.

Hinds serves as the Chairperson for Eastwood Community helps Ukraine which involves 5 churches in the Eastwood school area. She detailed her experience of helping to bring a family to the U.S.A. The process involves finding a specific person to act as a sponsor, travel approval for each family member, and housing. After naming a sponsor, travel must be completed within 90 days. Social Security, Medicade, education, and work histories must be completed on line. Hinds was appreciative for help received from “United for Ukraine” and “Water for Ishmael” organizations who helped them work through the legalities of vetting people through Homeland Security as well as working through the details of things needed by a refugee family. It was noted that most refugees come with very little. Perhaps one suitcase per person and a small amount of money. They may or may not speak English. The family sponsored by Eastwood Community helps Ukraine is Orthodox Christian. It was noted that under Soviet rule, the practice of religion was discouraged inUkraine.

Following the presentation, Karina served a wide variety of refreshments including cheese smoked by her husband and wine.

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