Real Estate Transfers


Oct. 16

350 Walker Ave., Luckey, from Joshua and Michelle Kellermeier to Anthony Haas and Brittany Meronk, residential, $420,000

1217 Grassy Ln., Rossford, from Kimberly Calaway to Linda Ruemmele, condominium, $256,000

4601 Elm St., West Millgrove, from Kimberly Reinhard et al to Emily Brewer, residential, $190,000

0, 0 and 0 Main St., Wayne, from Sun Grain Assoc. to Anthony and Allison Gump, grain elevators, $10,000

22015 Reigle Road, Jackson Township, from Mark Stott to Bradley Stott, residential, $90,000

1041 Pinewood Ct., Bowling Green, from Linda Moore trustee to John and Tabitha Titus, residential, $324,000

Oct. 17

0 and 20572 Russ St., Weston, from Nancy Down to Aaron Good and Hailey Dickinson, residential, $66,300

18142 Tontogany Road, Washington Township, from Nathan and Lilly Downs to James Osbourne and Abby Cox, residential, $330,000

12 Meadowbrook Dr., Perrysburg, from Karen Shaffer to Alexander and Amy Kajca, condominium, $140,000

10288 White Oak Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Teri Laurer to Richard Jones and Sherry Upshaw, residential, $390,000

29947 Foxhill Road, Perrysburg Township, from Gretchen Ziems trustee to Reeve and Mary Kelsey, residential, $1,000,000

102 Greenwood Dr., Haskins, from Lee Gable to Jason and Michelle Bonham, residential, $245,000

112 E. Perry St., Walbridge, from Justin and Katlyn Switala to Lauren Roe and John Franke, residential, $198,000

725 Front St. and 0 Scotch Ridge Road, Pemberville, from Clay Chapman to James Zielinski and Ashley Lopez, residential, $300,000

1456 Devonshire St., Bowling Green, from Jeffery and Debra Knowlton to Henschen Realty Limited, residential, $360,000

Oct. 18

185 Elm St., Rossford, from Ronald Cornwell et al to Samantha Jahns and Codi Johnson, residential, $120,000

12713 E. Kramer Road, Portage Township, from Joseph Dreier to Amy Cameron, residential, $245,000

3574 River Ridge Way, Perrysburg, from Tyler and Lyndsey Roberts to Joshua and Meghan Cones, residential, $490,000

1021 Dwyer Dr., Perrysburg, from Saba Home Builders LLC to Cateri Wilson, residential vacant land, $699,850

0 E. Boundary St. and 530 Willow Ln., Perrysburg, from Jordan Spidel to Jacob and Julia Brandman, residential, $279,000

7338 Starlight Road, Perrysburg Township, from Jeffery Geiger to Garrett Switzer and Stephanie Busick, residential, $230,000

201 East Bridge Road, Northwood, from Northwood Crossings LLC to Kimberly Limes, residential vacant land, $263,881

0, 0 and 212 Gardner Ave., Northwood, from Miguel Villegas to Grand Meyer, residential and other residential structures, $140,344

10232 Middleton Pike, Middleton Township, from Charles and Patricia Earl to Donald Smith, residential, $523,000

9760 Rudolph Road, Liberty Township, from Gavin Bomer to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB trustee, residential, $61,000

0, 0, 0 and 211 N. Grove St., Bowling Green, from Laura Landry-Meyer to WD Retreat Ltd., residential and other residential structures, $165,000

Oct. 19

66 Back Bay Road, Washington Township, from Gary Boehm and Bonnie Blankinship to Nicholas and Noelle Scott, residential, $449,000

24410 Bradner Road, Troy Township, to from Mark and Linda Runyan to Rebekah Will-Alfaro, general farm, $357,000

0 and 129 Bacon St., Rossford, from Paul Madden Jr. to Scott Short trustee, residential, $39,600

0 and 12902 Huffman Road, Portage Township, from Jason Bonham and Michelle Herzig to Samantha Ackerman, residential, $178,000

13616 Otusso Dr., Perrysburg, from Jay Norman to Minxuan Lan and Weiyi Liu, residential, $340,000

714 Delaware Dr., Perrysburg, from Annette Fischer trustee to Raymond and Alieen Padilla, residential, $584,160

540 E. Sixth St., Perrysburg, from Kevin and Kelly Troyer to Allen and Heather Gallant, residential, $317,800

9753 Carnoustie Road, Perrysburg Township, from Pamela Neckers trustee to Benjamin Schlatter and Abbey Rose, residential, $600,000

427 Main St., Risingsun, from Garrett and Kathryn Day to Dakota Holman, residential, $85,000

24854 Lake Winds Dr., Middleton Township, from Linda Vandercook to

24854 Lake Winds Dr., Middleton Township, from Linda Vandercook to Victor and Alonda Siwa, residential, $360,000

311 Bond St., Pemberville, from Gerldean Sargent to Jesse Wintrow, residential, $209,500

Oct. 20

21576 Sand Ridge Road, Weston Township, from Brent and Amber Cocke to Bryan and Renee Stephens, residential, $174,000

0, 0, 0, 0 and 18660 Wall St., Tontogany, from Glenn Hefflinger to DGB Irrigation LLC, residential vacant land and other residential structures, $40,000

926 Orchard Dr., Rossford, from Victor Wawrzyniak to Tyler Derr, residential, $330,000

8420 Jerry City Road, Portage Township, from Andrew Socie to Melissa Mohney, residential, $95,000

0 and 440 E. Fifth St., Perrysburg, from Carol Coffman to Joshua Krile and Lindsey Bronder, residential, $285,000

26394 Summer Trace Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Kristen Reilly and Sarah Riggleman to Wei Lin and Bikying Ng, residential, $482,000

8457 Birchwood Ln., Northwood, from Amibeth Hardy to Victor Wawrzyniak and Angela Brown, residential, $210,000, Northwood

0 and 0 Bays Road, Milton Township, from James Slater trustee @3 to Scott Slater, 40 acres agriculture, $110,000

15851 Five Point Road, Middleton Township, from Gary Martin to Andrew and Linden Gillmore, residential, $580,000

13622 Pemberville Road, Freedom Township, from Daniel and Suzanne Wagner to John and Izettia Nicoll, general farm, $399,000

515 Harvest Ln., Bowling Green, from Susan Baker to John and Linda Ferrera, residential, $240,000

0 and 949 N. Prospect St., Bowling Green, from Zacharias Kantouros to Seth Miller and Jenna Shawberry, residential, $239,000

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