So bad it’s good: Assistant prosecutors release ‘Brian Sings Christmas’ to raise money for gifts for kids


Bing Crosby may be known as the “Voice of Christmas,” but he has nothing on Brian Boos.

Really, he has nothing to worry about.

Boos has released “Brian Sings Christmas” as a way to raise funds for holiday gifts for children served by Wood County Job and Family Services.

It is so bad it’s good.

Boos is an assistant prosecutor for Wood County and is known to sings Christmas carols around the office sooner than is acceptable, usually before Halloween.

“He’d sing them in his office,” said Charles “Chas” McDonald, who also is a county assistant prosecutor.

McDonald offered to have Boos come to his home and he’d record his friend singing, “because it’s funny.”

Boos said no multiple years, until this year when McDonald had the idea to sell an online link to five songs for $5 with 100% of proceeds going to Job and Family Services.

“Brian agreed, I think thinking that would never actually happen,” McDonald.

But unbeknownst to Boos, McDonald got the music recorded and played it in the office.

They remembered to ask their boss, Prosecutor Paul Dobson, if it was OK.

“He very graciously made sure the charity aspect of it,” McDonald said. “He said if you guys are going to do this for charity for the kids at Christmas time, he’d give us his blessing.”

Dobson said he had two conditions: He wasn’t singing and that it was for the kids.

Dobson has helped wrap presents, purchased wrapping paper and he ever bought a copy of “Brian Sings Christmas.”

Boos and McDonald have known each other since 2015, having worked together in the Lucas County prosecutor’s office.

“It was eight years in the making,” McDonald said about the mini album.

Boos came to Wood County in 2020 and McDonald in 2023.

Boos said he picked songs that he remembered singing in church as a kid.

“Those were the songs I appreciated,” he said.

“Brian wanted the opportunity to showcase the beauty of his voice,” McDonald quipped.

The first sessions were held in September.

Brian Boos sings into the microphone at Chas McDonald’s home.

If you can get through “O Holy Night,” the remaining four songs are a piece of cake.

But wait, then comes “Carol of the Bells,” or as its been called by critics “Carol of the Yells.”

That was the most challenging, Boos said, because there was a lot of timing with him singing six different parts.

Most songs were recorded with one take, but several have overdubs of harmony.

The final three songs are “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night.”

McDonald provided the music, playing piano, drums, guitar and horns.

“It’s all original, created from scratch,” he said.

“If you can get past the singing, I think the music is very catchy,” Boos said.

The talent of the operation should be the person who does the least work, he said, “and I think I’m the talent here. Chas is more behind the scenes.”

Boos said he’s never been in any kind of choir, and based on some of the reviews he’s gotten, he won’t be allowed to join one anytime soon.

He said people who have heard the songs said they were as advertised: unlistenable.

He does, however, indulge in karaoke on occasion. His go-to song is “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis.

Boos compared his singing style to Scottish singer-songwriter and musician Lewis Capaldi. He then amended that by adding Steve Perry from Journey and McDonald contributed Freddie Mercury from Queen.

Dobson said Boos sounded like Will Ferrell in “Elf.”

“Brian Sings Christmas” has raised $1,710 as of Friday afternoon.

The men said they anticipated $100.

Courthouse staff who have donated to the project “will get a copy whether they want it or not” Boos said.

The store employee where the first round of gifts were purchased rang them up with her employee discount, which amounted to a $60 savings.

A community member came to the office with a $100 bill.

“Pretty much the entire community has been generous,” McDonald said.

Donations should be made sooner than later to give them time to purchase gifts, get them wrapped and delivered.

“I don’t think we’re going to say no to money for kids,” McDonald said.

“Brian has a genuine love for the holidays, and I love music. It seemed to make sense,” McDonald.

“He came in very earnestly and really put himself out there and sang the songs to the best of his pathetic abilities,” he said.

Boos said he doesn’t plan to release any songs for other holidays and next year is still undetermined.

“If we can continue to raise money for kids in need during the holiday season, and if we can show this has been successful, I think it’s kind of incumbent upon us to (do it again),” McDonald said.

He nominated Dobson to sing Christmas next year.

Dobson declined.

“Brian Sings Christmas” can be heard at Donations can be made via Venmo at

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