Pemberville to be without power Wednesday


PEMBERVILLE — The entire village will be without power for about four hours Wednesday for preparation for an upgrade to one of two of the village’s power substations.

Mayor Carol Bailey said the utility that provides electricity to the village, First Energy, will cut power to the village from approximately 8 a.m. until noon.

The outage will affect the entire village, both residential and commercial customers.

“If you get a utility bill from (the village), you will be affected,” Bailey said. “Basically, anything you need electricity to do, you won’t be able to do it.”

Bank transactions will not likely be able to be performed during the outage.

The mayor said she has not heard from any business in the community that they plan to obtain a generator to provide electricity during the outage.

“It’s only for about four hours, so it shouldn’t cause any (widespread) problems,” she said.

Bailey advised village residents to charge their cellphones in preparation for the outage. Residents with other types pf phones may not have use of those communication devices if they require electricity to operate.

“We encourage those who have health issues to also (make the appropriate preparations),” Bailey said, adding that those who assist elderly and disabled persons in the village to take the outage into consideration.

Police, fire and EMS personnel will prepare for the four-hour time period involved.

Eastwood Schools Superintendent Brent Welker reported the administrative offices in the Eastwood Elementary building would be closed until noon and there will be no preschool on Wednesday. Preschool will be moved to Monday so students get their four days in next week.

Bailey said the timing of the interruption is better now than a few weeks from now, when the weather is likely to be colder.

“If they are done with the work sooner than (noon), power will be restored at that time,” she noted.

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