MAGA Republicans are trying to wipe out the will of the voters


To the editor,

Well done, Ohioans: you passed Issue I. Women now have the right to determine their own reproductive status.

But wait! The MAGA Republicans in Columbus are trying to wipe out the will of the voters by modifying the conditions under which Issue I can be enforced! This is probably unconstitutional, but they (the minority) are trying to over-rule the will of the majority. This is how the Nazis took over in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Trump has mimicked Hitler for years and is getting closer to behaving like Hitler with every passing day it seems. And the MAGA Republicans are in full support. And they no longer hide what they are doing! I have been warning about this for the last 7 years and now it is coming to fruition. The only way to preserve our way of life and our democratic republic is to vote the Republicans out of office, from top to bottom—the innocent with the guilty. We will have that chance in one year. We must not lose that opportunity. Remember the only difference between Trump and the MAGA Republicans and Hitler and the Nazis is the number of Jews that Hitler/Nazis killed—but just give Trump/MAGA Republicans a little more time.

They are already trying to take over the educational curriculum as well so that they can brain-wash our children and grandchildren just like Hitler/Nazis did with Hitler Youth. Mike De Wine announced this flagrant intrusion into the Ohio system of education only a few weeks ago. This too must be stopped at the ballot box—assuming that there are any of us voters left who have not yet been disenfranchised by La Rose.

BTW, have you noticed that the Grand Old Party (GOP) has now become the POP (Party of Putin)? How much money is Putin giving the MAGA Republicans to stop supporting Ukraine??

Finally, Trump and the MAGA Republicans do not support freedom. Just like the Pilgrims who supported their own religious freedom at the expense of everyone else’s religious freedom, the MAGA Republicans are more interested in the freedom to continue their own power grab at the expense of our own freedom.

W.E.Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green

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