Camp comes to Conneaut


The fifth graders at Bowling Green’s Conneaut Elementary School showed their parents the cool things they did at camp earlier this year.

The elementary school held a camp night Tuesday, complete with skits and songs.

They held snakes, spiders and cockroaches, went canoeing and hiking, and did crafts during the week they spent at Camp Michindoh in September.

There were no chairs to sit on during Tuesday’s performances, held in the gym.

“We went to camp, we didn’t sit in chairs,” said fifth grade teacher Bob Marzola.

He invited the audience members to ask the students about camp. Each fifth grader stood by their poster with five-paragraph essays that gave details on classes, activities and advice they would give to next year’s campers.

Colton Bartholomew said he enjoyed the reptiles at camp, and his favorite is the bearded dragon because it can be kept as a pet.

Colton Bartholomew explains what he learned at camp.

“You don’t have to keep it in a cage,” he said.

He said he asked his mom for the reptile, but the answer was no. Instead, his dad found an American snapping turtle he keeps at home.

Colton said he learned that snakes have claws.

“I didn’t know that, it’s really fascinating,” he said.

Creepy crawlies, including spiders and cockroaches, creeped him out.

While some students held a tarantula, he didn’t.

“It was just the way it was looking at me. It was like it was looking into my soul,” he said.

AJ Becker, left, and CJ Pheneger lead the sing-a-long about a little red wagon.

Students performed three “do what I do and say what I say” songs, about a little red wagon, bubble gum and pizza man.

Lainey Pollick, left, and Peyton White led cheers for bubble gum.

Kendall Black, from left, Brayden Parker and Mallory Smith led the group in the pizza song.

Boys and girls were divided into groups and learned a skit, which they performed on the last night of camp.

“Hey campers, give me some” Marzola started, and students yelled, “lights, camera, action!”

In “Camp Coffee,” the boys tried the “coffee” out of a jug, only to learn it was someone’s dirty clothes water.

Eli Evans, Easton McFann and Nate Barnes performed in “Club Coffee.”

In “Pebbles,” all the girls were late for the first day of school and when they showed up, their excuse was they were throwing pebbles into the lake. The last girl to arrive, wrapped in a blanket, revealed her name was Pebbles.

In “My Pet Centi,” boys were under blankets mimicking the bug. The skit ended when the “bug” walked over a teacher who was laying on the stage and one dribbled water from a bottle.

“Oh no, my centi peed,” said Lucas Kern.

Lucas Kern and “My Pet Centi.”

Marzola said Conneaut has been doing camp nights for at least 17 years.

“We did camp nights when we went to Camp Michindoh and then we went to Camp Heartland and now we’re back at Camp Michindoh, so we’ve done it through all the different camps we’ve been to,” he said.

Fourth-grade families were invited to get a glimpse of what to expect next year, he said.

Kenwood and Crim elementaries also showcase camp to their families, he said.

“You’ve got some amazing kids here,” Marzola told the parents. “Thank you for letting us share the week with them.”

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