Real Estate Transfers


Oct. 2

20790 Taylor St., Weston, from Richard Kehres and Erin Collins to Billy Harding and Mary Cole, residential, $123,000

0 E. and E. 28880 River Road, Perrysburg Township, from Erika Retzke to Zachary and Cortney Nunn, residential, $363,695

5287 Pintail Ln., Northwood, from J. Alvarado Real Estate Holdings LLC to Ziad Kadri, residential, $365,000

0 W., 0 W. and 16203 W. River Road, Middleton Township, from Heeter House LLC to Forrest Foster, residential, $140,000

219 W. Evers Ave., Bowling Green, from Newlove &Jeffers Rentals LLC to JGS Rentals LLC, residential, $120,000

303 S. Summit St., Bowling Green, from RJT Enterprises LLC to JGS Rentals LLC, residential, $155,000

Oct. 3

0 Van Tassel Road, Weston Township, from John Hrovatich to Christopher and Crystal Louy, residential, $40,000

101 Rossway Ave., Rossford, from Robert Cruz and Luis Jimenez to Daniel and Michele Market, residential, $202,125

12221 Jefferson St., Perrysburg, from Yong Jie Pan to Paula Zaragoza, residential, $340,000

1039 Turnbury Lane, Perrysburg, from James and Lola Riney III to John and Janet Connors, condominium, $225,000

1013 Sunset Ridge, Perrysburg, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC to Yoga Anand and Anjalika Gandhi, residential vacant land, $483,100

2087 Horseshoe Bend Dr., Perrysburg, from Ridge Stone Builders &Developers to Karen Adams trustee, residential, $442,500

10032 N. Shannon Hills Dr., Perrysburg Township, from John and Lisa Evans to Douglas Garrison and Kimberly Kistner, residential, $290,000

7310 Starcrest Road, Perrysburg Township, from Sheldon and Suzanne Johnson to Jeremy and Breana Van Dyke, residential, $215,000

2502 Skagway Dr., Northwood, from Dennis Braden to Charles Dixon, residential, $239,900

2444 Jamestown Dr., Northwood, from Jason and Kimberly Dirkman to Jerry and Jennifer Croyts, residential, $195,000

1637 Treetop Pl., Bowling Green, from Bernard Effting to James and Maria Palmer, residential, $350,000

9 Edith Ct., Bowling Green, from Henschen Realty Limited to Lisa Bowser, condominium, $174,635

604 Knollwood Dr., Bowling Green, from Matthew Kennedy and Stephanie Lemut to Eric and Gwendolyn Hagen, residential, $246,000

Oct. 4

0 and 9232 Devils Hole Road, Webster Township, from Chad Kingery to Benjamin Shiple, residential, $330,000

633 Valley Dr., Rossford, from Douglas and Charlene Hudson to Victoria Tripp and Drew Conlee, residential, $260,000

614 Valley Dr., Rossford, from Blake and Jessica Schmenk to Peter and Tamra Dieringer, residential, $220,000

1044 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC to William and Kathleen Kalies, residential vacant land, $644,841

955 Findlay St., Perrysburg, from Devin and Rhode Cusick to Antonio Povinelli and Andrea Marmolejo, residential, $206,000

10084 Shannon Hills Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Sharon Traudt to Jean Eilert, residential, $299,350

225 Stahl St., Bradner, from Dennis and Lisa Twiss to Dylan Moomey, residential, $137,000

13608 Reitz Road, Middleton Township, from Marlene Black to Joseph Cary, residential, $251,000

26925 W. Woodland Ct., Lake Township, from Mark and Julie Hummel to SW &RW, residential, $255,000

1026 Lakehurst Dr., Lake Township, from Edward Nuckols to Howell Properties, condominium, $60,000

0 and 4129 Hakes Road, Lake Township, from US Bank National Association trustee to Anthony and Sofia Tomase II, residential, $130,000

130 Eberly Ave., Bowling Green, from Joseph and Emily Celizic to Charles and Adriane Boyer, residential, $225,000

504 N. Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green, from Eric and Cristina Holtrop to Tiffany Wagoner, residential, $320,000

301 E. Napoleon Road, Bowling Green, from James and Pamela Brosius to Timothy and Allison Greenberg, residential, $184,000

0 and 144 Jackson St., Cygnet, from Lance and April Reidling to Brandon Harris, residential, $160,000

Oct. 5

3795 Garling Road, Troy Township, from Andrew and Linden Gillmore to Joe Delong and Malinda Machefski, residential, $270,000

17811 Haskins Road, Plain Township, from Abby Cravens to Jadon and Maddison Nichols, residential, $220,000

159 Partridge Lane, Perrysburg, from Robert and Annette Spudie Jr. to Stephen Jones, Karen Bovard, Lillie Bovard Jones and Tyler Sloan, residential, $286,500

138 Valley Hall Dr., Perrysburg, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. trustee to Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC, residential vacant land, $61,900

221 Ritter Ave., Northwood, from Sheila Deitrickson trustee to Harry Briscoe, residential, $186,000

10600 Devils Hole Road, Middleton Township, from Stanley and Dawn Olson to Abby Cravens, residential, $280,000

2228 Ridgewood Pl., Lake Township, from Timothy and Julie Momany to Kellie and Stephanie Kelly, residential, $360,000

715 N. Main St., Bowling Green, from Mathew Marvin to Kaur Properties LLC, residential, $112,000

Oct. 6

225 Elm St., Rossford, from Lori Wozniak and Judith Rutter successor trustees to Toni Wozniak, residential, $55,000

24608 Fort Meigs Road, Perrysburg, from Miranda Snyder and Valerie Snyder to Jacobs Land Corporation, residential, $250,000

28741 Tracy Road, Perrysburg Township, from Joseph and Jamie Cooper to Chad Neff and Shannon Austin, residential, $145,000

325 Mary Ave., Northwood, from Russell Menchaca to Aaron and Joyce Sutton, residential, $110,000

0 and 1924 Owen St., Northwood, from Frank and Amber Lombardo to Jason Hess, residential, $71,500

14345 Middleton Pike, Middleton Township, from William and Lisa Bragg Sr. to Scott and Rebecca Laman, residential, $360,000

417 Park Lane, Walbridge, from Shirley Busch to James Dillingham, residential, $175,000

24519 Village Lane, Grand Rapids, from William and Brooke Landis to Gertrud Gillespie, condominium, $138,900

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