Vote Republicans out of office to retain our rights


To the editor,

Several things: First, congratulations to Loren Angel on his letter concerning the alternatives to abortion. Women have been trying various methods of aborting unwanted pregnancies since prehistoric times—often with fatal results. I am old enough to remember the bad old days of back street abortions. I did not do them, but I knew about them. I also remember the old days in the USAF when I gave the “How not to” talk to the local high school students. I can add to the list of contraceptive methods suggested by Mr Angel the following: crocodile dung, intravaginal squirting of Coca Cola, jumping up and down, and finally the most effective of these—i.e., the morning after IUD. I most certainly agree that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as I have stated in the past.

Second, has anyone asked the MAGA Republicans if they have ever read any history? If so, Trump and the MAGA Republicans would never resort to the threats of violence that are implicit and explicit in their rhetoric. American history is re-pleat with examples of what Americans are willing to do to other Americans who have a different point of view. Just look at the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Americans butchered Americans with vigor. And it does not have to be a war. Just look at what the Klu Klux Klan did to African-Americans through out American history. I had thought that the reason why Trump and the MAGA Republicans were so anti-gun control was simply because they were being paid off by the NRA, but now I think that they were also anticipating the threat of violence to get their way to total power. What Trump and the MAGA Republicans are advocating is no different that what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews. Do we really want that???

Third, did it occur to anyone that the reason Trump and the MAGA Republicans are so anti-Ukraine funding is that they are being paid off by Putin? The money could be funneled through the NRA or various shell companies,as it has in the past, Is there no level to which Trump and the MAGA Republicans won’t stoop to get what they want: power and money. The only way to save our beloved country is to vote them out of office, and we will get that chance in 2024. I hope that we do not lose that opportunity.


W.E. Feeman Jr. MD

Bowling Green

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