Real Estate Transfers


Aug. 21

0 and 18560 Lincoln St., Tontogany, from Rodney Kirian and Cathy Adler to Alexis Hiltz and Trevor Toney, residential, $181,500

0 and 131 Bergin Ave., Rossford, from Barbara Becker to Kenneth Deszell, residential, $131,000

12677 E. Kramer Road, Portage Township, from Annette and David Sonnenberg to Brendan Yowler and Michael Yowler, residential, $300,000

0, 0 and 12435 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, from Moon Property Holdings LLC to Pioneer Development LLC, automotive service station, $775,000

13791 Roachton Road, Perrysburg, from Randi Smidi and Ahmed Jarouche to Lisa Ward and Robert King Jr., residential, $375,000

0 and 29705 Bradner Road, Lake Township, from Timothy Mullins to Scott Poiry, residential, $6,000

0, 0 and 109 Taylor St., North Baltimore, from Hunter Tucker to Melissa Gehring, residential, $100,800

240 East Bay Harbor Ct., Bowling Green, from Mitchell Road Village LLC to J&A Building Ventures LLC, residential vacant land, $47,500

Aug. 22

29265 Hufford Road, Perrysburg Township, from Candida Hollstein to Hannah and Adam Coutcher, residential, $255,000

0, 0, 0 and 5500 Bradner Road, Perry Township, from Ryan Reinhart, Julie Reinhart, Rex Reinhart and Trina Sullenberger to Kayla and John Irwin co-trustees, 123.97 acres agriculture, $1,382,000

0 and 112 Church St., Haskins, from Betty Longstreet to Heidi Buck, residential, $170,000

25113 Rocky Harbour Dr., Middleton Township, from Carolyn and Mark Nusbaum trustees to Leica and John Underwood trustees, residential, $420,000

15105 Cypress Dr., Middleton Township, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. as trustee to Marie and James Bode, residential vacant land, $407,600

120 and 122 E. Broadway St., North Baltimore, from Rodney Krebs to Brittany and Joshua Clark, two-family dwelling, $132,000

809 N. Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green, from Lori and Marc Spencer to Jenna Reindel and Alaina Lacourse, residential, $261,900

Aug. 23

0 Sportsmans Dr., Rossford, from Choice Crossroads Development LLC to Graefen Ohio LLC, commercial vacant land, $561,240

125 Cedar Ct., Perrysburg, from Jacquelyn Searfoss to Angelina Villegas, residential, $218,000

10419 Roachton Road, Perrysburg Township, from Stacey and Dale McClary to Jason Cavins, residential, $404,300

26808 Basswood Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Cody Fisher and Kristen Sawmiller to Lin Cheng and Xinyi Yang, residential, $420,000

9853 Connor Lake Circle, Perrysburg Township, from Sandra and Gerald Miller to 1150 Vine Condo LLC, condominium, $280,000

4826 Curtice Road, Northwood, from Jennifer and Jason Sakac to Maumee Bay Properties LLC, residential, $110,000

219 Main St., Wayne, from Habitat for Humanity of Wood County Ohio to Kiri Reichenbach, residential vacant land, $158,000

309 Earl North Dr., Haskins, from Eric Sicha to Ashley Florek, residential, $305,000

1845 Cherry St., Millbury, from Brenda Shrader to Drew Anderson and Serina Krueger, residential, $198,000

0 and 29087 Harriet St., Lake Township, from Ray Nissen to Nathan Lord, residential, $226,000

19953 Church St., Hoytville, from Taylor Brocksieker to Charles Crouse, residential, $10,000

1368 Devonshire St., Bowling Green, from Hrishikesh Joshi to Jin Wen Lin and Xiao Juan Lai, residential, $326,000

0, 0 and 381 Myers St., Jerry City, from Shawna Anderson to Mandy and Richard Lowery, residential, $170,000

Aug. 24

25777 Edinborough Circle, Perrysburg, from Jennifer and Marc Goddard to Neela Kelly, residential, $507,500

0 and 30134 W. Waterford Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Jennifer Swope trustee to Phillip Dakhnovets, residential, $400,000

8845 Mandell Road, Perrysburg Township, from Barbara and Terry Lawrence to Jason Arbinger, residential, $92,100

7256 Winding Brook Road, Perrysburg Township, from Janda and Nazeh Abbas to Karen Canoza and Anjo Tan, residential, $210,000

195 East Bridge Road, Northwood, from Northwood Crossings LLC to Patrick Codden, residential vacant land, $300,000

0 and 519 Main St., Risingsun, from Mary and Kurt Brewer to Justin Harmon, residential, $110,000

17772 W. River Road, Middleton Township, from Laura Hanzi trustee to Rebecca Johnson, residential, $630,000

246 Buttonwood Ave., Bowling Green, from Elisha Cooper to Austin Thurman, residential, $170,000

1052 Lindenwood Lane, Bowling Green, from Thomas Crawford et al to Shelley and Carleton Hollister co-trustees, residential, $345,000

211 W. Reed Ave., Bowling Green, from Frost Iler to Keaton and David Rath, residential, $94,000

801 E. Gypsy Lane Road, Bowling Green, from Chayada and Benjamin Higgins to Jeremy Arciniega and Melissa Webb, residential, $240,000

Aug. 25

1947 Ottawa Lane, Perrysburg, from Mary and Joseph Beer to Megan Karie and Alfredo Morales, residential, $585,750

2650 Cross Ridge Way, Perrysburg, from Brittney and Adam Cassi to Shengtao and Jane Liang Xiao, residential, $462,000

9798 Five Point Road, Perrysburg Township, from James and Elizabeth Swartz to Dustin Birkenkamp, residential, $505,000

0 and 1905 Woodmore St., Northwood, from Morris Seem to Theresa Niscior, residential, $25,000

5544 Clover Lane, Lake Township, from Gail and Justin McWatters to Rachel and Sean Grup, residential, $355,000

4188 Rees Road, Freedom Township, from Craig Beeker, Judy Beeker and Brent Beeker to Anna and Kenneth Beeker, residential, $215,000

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