Real Estate Transfers: 8-19-23


Aug. 3

131 W. Seventh St., Perrysburg, from Amy and Eric Eynon to Karin Carson, residential, $165,000

26639 Sheringham Road, Perrysburg Township, from Bradley Jones to Leena and Cyril Ananth, residential, $261,000

15502 Five Point Road, Middleton Township, from Lizabeth Swantack and Michael Wilson to Margaret and Michael Quickel, residential, $870,000

29059 Greystone Drive, Lake Township, from Bradley Beach to DR&LS, residential, $309,000

24524 Village Lane, Grand Rapids, from Marvin and Lori Rife to Joseph Darmogray, residential condo, $242,500

25 Augusta Drive, Bowling Green, from Nicole Neely to Brian Scsavnicki, residential condo, $172,667

255 Buttonwood Ave., Bowling Green, from Jane Mewport to AJS Properties LLC, residential, $225,250

125 Stonegate Blvd., Bowling Green, from Paul Feck to Marissa Brubaker and Parker Kern, residential condo, $224,000

Aug. 4

13402 Main St., Weston, from Raymond Youngs Jr. to Davina Restoration LLC, residential, $43,890

472 Eagle Point Road, Rossford, from Thrana Walker to Brenda Lee Hawk and Joel Strance, residential, $171,000

471 Nora Drive, Perrysburg, from Jessica and Robert Mullins to Tyler Zollars and Heather Burke, residential, $340,000

28750 Georgia Road, Perrysburg Township, from David Juhasz to Susan and Douglas Gavin, residential, $360,000

29935 St. Andres Road, Perrysburg Township, from Melissa and Jeffrey Westmeyer to Sally Schramm, residential, $452,000

4274 Genoa Road, Lake Township, from Sandra and Daniel Parham to Jacob Parham, other residential structures,$85,000

4274 Genoa Road, Lake Township, from Jacob Parham to Jacob Parham, other residential structures, $85,000

263 S. Enterprise St., Bowling Green, from Janet and Dennis Bower to Holly Fredericks, residential, $120,000

Aug. 7

0 Poe Road, Washington Township, from Jeffry and Roxann Dewese to Mary and Barry Rogers, 2.5 acres agriculture, $57,000

0 Greensburg Pike, Portage Township, from William Schmeltz Sr. et al to William Schmeltz Sr. et al, 59.19 acres agriculture, $115,117

3186 Sterlingwood Lane, Perrysburg, from Kimberly Cameron to Ashley and Ryan Eldridge, residential, $422,900

1701 Horseshoe Bend Drive, Perrysburg, from Jennifer McClain to Katelyn and William Cochran, residential, $336,000

205 W. Eighth St., Perrysburg, from John Robeson and Michael Robeson to Sutter Properties LLC, residential, $140,000

0 Roundhead Road, Jackson Township, from Gary Gribbell and Karen Sunderman to Deneen and David Baer, residential, $94,780

0 Roundhead Road, Jackson Township, from Gary Gribbell and Karen Sunderman to Deneen and David Baer and Daniel Drerup, 38.87 acres agriculture, $368,810

0 and 205 N. Third St., North Baltimore, from Lisa Kiser to Seth Thompson, residential, $55,000

16870 Quarry Road, Henry Township, from Patricia Miller to Joshua and Jasmine Lincycomb, residential, $230,000

23095 Kellogg Road, Grand Rapids Township, from Baker O’Brien trustee to Michelle and Thomas Wagner, residential, $300,000

117 Georgia Ave., Bowling Green, from JM Newlove Rentals LLC to Karen and Dan Glenn, residential, $150,000

Aug. 8

105 River Lane, Rossford, from Five Point Investments LLC to Bryan Lavearn and Hailey McAfee, two-family dwelling, $230,000

4408 Turtle Creek Drive, Perrysburg, from Penny and Paul Herbach to Kristin and Andrew Mead, residential, $559,900

1022 Brampton Park Road, Perrysburg, from Saba Home Builders LLC to Charlotte and Robert Sarver, residential vacant land, $739,850

0 and 338 E. Seventh St., Perrysburg, from Thi Vy Do and Hao Hiep Nguyen to Paul Willis and Jennifer Willis-McClain, residential, $330,000

4065 E. Plaza Blvd., Northwood, from Jesse Hojnacki to Zachary Kline and Shaun Hart, residential, $330,000

15588 John F. McCarthy Way, Middleton Township, from Mary Ellen and Eric Gonzales to Chelsea and Christopher Helgerson, residential, $575,000

28519 Earl Dr., Millbury, from Robert Abbey to Matthew Dissett, residential, $165,000

1547 Latcha Road, Lake Township, from Erica and Christopher Joseph to Alisha and James Boyer II, residential, $235,000

716 Ash St., Bowling Green, from Kimberlee Roessner to Kailee Roessner-Lawson and Matthew Lawson, residential, $250,000

Aug. 9

0 and 1312 Morningside Drive, Perry Township, from Mark Gons CPA trustee to Kathryn and Kurt Alfredson, residential, $150,000

0, 0 and 319 Pearl St., Bowling Green, from Valerie Van Sice to Becky Castaneda and Abubaker Hamdam, residential, $240,000

730 Coleman Ave., Bowling Green, from Linda and William Smotherman to Jordan and Matthew Rava, residential, $220,000

Aug. 10

297 Chesterton Drive, Perrysburg, from Helen Barber to Courtney Church, residential, $237,000

3505 River Ridge Way, Perrysburg, from Kimberly and Jay Zvanovec to Kimberly Zvanovec, Heidi and Doug Garvey, residential, $207,575

3505 River Ridge Way, Perrysburg, from Kimberly Zvanovec, Heidi and Doug Garvey to Heidi and Doug Garvey, residential, $207,475

0 and 1425 Pemberville Road, Lake Township, from Jeffrey Prentice to Newrez LLC, residential, $127,500

233 and 235 N. Main St., North Baltimore, from Alpha Omega Enterprize LLC to John Gordon, laundries and restaurant, $16,999

Aug. 11

0 Van Tassel Road, Washington Township, from Andrew Cashin successor trustee to Seth Davis, residential, $44,000

0 Bradner Road, Troy Township, from Prudence and Ronald Niedzwiecki to Scott Simpson, 1 acre agricultural, $40,000

4250 Thornbury Court, Perrysburg, from Amanda and John Zalewski to Cindy and Timothy Smith, residential, $835,000

206 Railroad St., Wayne, from Courtney Hart to Kyle Pinkham, residential, $165,000

414 Crocker St., Bradner, from Kimberly Wilford and Cheryl Carnahan to Melinda Gosche, residential, $179,900

25244 John F. McCarthy Way, Middleton Township, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. as trustee to Diane and Steffen Wellstein, residential vacant land, $581,366

17540 Wapakoneta Road, Grand Rapids, from Joshua Herriott to Kathryn Gilson, residential, $169,815

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