Old city building coming down


Work continues on the demolition of the former Bowling Green City Administration Building.

Once debris is removed, the site will become a parking lot.

Here’s a recap of what’s going on at the site:

The next phase of the Bowling Green city building project involves the demolition of the old building, 304 N. Church St., and construction of the shared parking lot with the Wood County District Public Library.

Impacts to parking and site access will occur as this phase of the project progresses.

City staff must park exclusively in public parking Lot 4. As a result, “City Staff Only” signs will be placed in additional parking spaces within Lot 4.

During business hours the public will not be permitted to park in the “City Staff Only” spaces.

The police division will be enforcing these temporary parking restrictions. Those visiting the city building should park in the public parking area located to the north of the new city building. Dedicated handicapped parking is available in this parking area as well.

This week, parking restrictions are extending further into the library’s main parking lot. Use of the library lot will be restricted to the southern portion only, with access from Court Street. Library patrons may also use the Carter House parking lot.

This week, access to the new city building will be limited to one-way traffic from Main Street to Church Street. This is required due to the demolition of 304 N. Church St. The demolition should be completed by Monday. At that point, traffic will be allowed to turn right or left into the parking area from Main. Vehicles must exit onto Church. Traffic will have full access from Church, meaning, both left and right turns will be allowed to and from Church.

Throughout the demolition, pedestrians will have access to the city building utilizing the sidewalk along the western side of the library. Both entrances to the library will remain open during the demolition.

Construction of the shared parking area is scheduled to begin on/around Sept. 11. Included in this phase of work is the excavation of the area needed for the 74,000-gallon stormwater detention basin (located essentially where 304 N. Church St. is located) and the northern portion of the shared parking area. Again, library patrons will only be able to utilize the southern portion of the existing library main lot (with access from Court Street) and the Carter House lot.

Beginning Oct. 16, the parking lot construction area will expand to encompass the southern portion of the library parking area. Library patrons should park in the Carter House parking lot until the project is complete.

The project completion date is estimated to be Oct. 31. This timeline is subject to progress of work.

The new city building located at 305 N. Main Street officially opened to the public earlier this month.

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