New school will attract families to BG, and keep them here


To the Editor:

I’ve had the privilege of working for more than 30 years in corporate America. On four occasions, I’ve needed to relocate my family to further pursue my career, and each relocation involved sitting down with my wife at the kitchen table and poring over information related to nearby school districts. It’s an imperfect process, but we always prioritized modern school facilities and high test scores.

With this in mind, I’m writing to support the ongoing efforts to construct new school facilities in the Bowling Green school district. Our best educators and administrators are drawn to modern facilities and working environments. Test scores will improve, and families like mine will be drawn to relocate to Bowling Green instead of nearby communities.

Relocating families will fill their gas tanks at our retail stations, shop for food at our grocery stores, eat out at our local restaurants, and shop for last-minute gifts at our downtown businesses. Our entire community will benefit from these relocating families — and it starts with investing in our local school facilities.

Travis Reiff

Bowling Green

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