Real Estate Transfers: 8-7-23


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

July 24

0 Coach Loop Road, Washington Township, from Preserve Properties LLC to Cheryl and Jeffrey Kruse, residential vacant land, $125,000

17719 Brim Road, Plain Township, from Matthew Massey Jr. to Danny Jones, residential, $245,000

9972 Bishopswood Lane, Perrysburg, from Leah and Julian Avery to Kevin and Mary Tearney, residential, $355,500

26054 Seminary Road, Perrysburg, from Suzanne Harnett to Bhuneshwari and Ketan Patel, residential, $855,000

2254 Coe Court, Perrysburg, from Melissa and Jason Eisenbarth to Maddisen and Andrew Garcia, residential, $340,000

322 E. Front St., Perrysburg, from Scott Williams to Jeanette and Douglas Bush, residential, $365,000

205 East Bridge Road, Northwood, from Northwood Crossings LLC to Sally and Kenneth Fouty, residential vacant land, $319,658

121 Evans Ave., Bradner, from Sandra Wollam to Robert Townsend, residential, $37,000

207 Evans Ave., Bradner, from Luke Fair to Mallory and Andrew Fairbanks, residential, $230,000

702 Wallace Ave., Bowling Green, from Great Unity Investments LLC to Lucas Reafeldt and Nathan Reafeldt, residential, $220,000

232 Troup Ave., Bowling Green, from M&L Rentals Ohio LLC to Marin and Thomas Gerberich, residential, $147,500

July 25

342 Wayne Ave., Luckey, from Patricia Dean trustee to Sandra Hale, residential, $198,500

1045 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, from Coventry Glen Ltd. to Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC, residential vacant land, $70,900

9875 Connor Lake Circle, Perrysburg Township, from Nicole Allicock and Matthew Maluchnik to Pamela Kettman, condominium, $259,500

14686 Thistledown Lane, Middleton Township, from Samantha and Eric Ewen to Margaret and Michael Searle, residential, $360,000

July 26

13410 Bishop Road, Plain Township, from Kimberly and Steven Snyder to Troy Sonner and Cole Sonner, residential, $180,000

720 Fostoria Road, Northwood, from NGOC and Joseph Hartman to Sean Lavigne and Kelly Naypauer, residential, $625,000

0 and 1925 Ware St., Northwood, from Gertrude Everhardt to Stephen Tornai, residential, $126,000

0 and 0 Forst Road, Middleton Township, from Charlotte Long trustee to Leslie and Jack Atkinson, residential, $175,000

1350 Front St., Millbury, from US Bank National Association to Steven Miles, residential, $216,000

214 Main St., Pemberville, from Kim and Steven Snyder to Troy Sonner and Cole Sonner, residential, $70,000

July 27

0 and 0 Coach House Loop, Washington Township, from Preserve Properties LLC to Edgevale Investments LLC, residential vacant land, $115,000

0 Coach House Loop, Washington Township, from Preserve Properties LLC to IPE LLC, residential vacant land, $125,000

351 Mallard Road, Perrysburg, from Kathleen and Michael Roemmele trustees to Kerry and Tobey Kurowicki, residential, $242,000

102 Taylors Mill Circle, Perrysburg, from Camino Herrara and Moyano Currarino to Julie and Fredrick Chmiel, residential, $735,000

557 E. Indiana Ave., Perrysburg, from Cheryl and Ronald Krise to Angela Glynn, residential, $273,000

28663 Glenwood Road, Perrysburg Township, from 29663 Glenwood LLC to Colombos Charitable Foundation, light manufacturing/assembly, $600,000

0 and 1097 W. Millgrove Road, Perry Township, from Kathryn and Garrett Day to Charter Manufacturing Company Inc., residential, $75,000

0 and 330 Main St., Risingsun, from Sherry Cassady to Joshua Kagy, residential, $145,000

0 Union St., Risingsun, from Sherry Cassady to Joshua Kagy, residential vacant land, $145,000

July 28

16117 Kellogg Road, Washington Township, from Doris Winters to Marilyn and Robert London, residential, $261,000

221 and 223 Cherry St., Luckey, from David and Victoria Trombly to Zachary McDonald, residential vacant land and residence, $95,000

1550 Fox Run, Perrysburg, from Kaitlin Noren and Steven Mikula to Jason and Maggie Humphrey, residential, $401,500

10998 Bay Trace Drive, Perrysburg Township, from Stephanie and Greg Gryzik to Saichan Wang and Wenjie Yang, residential, $460,000

10784 Windford Drive, Perrysburg Township, from Ramiro and Rachel Casarez to RGR Michigan LLC, residential, $267,500

10316 S. Bramblewood Road, Perrysburg Township, from Margaret and Thomas Armstrong trustees to Michael Garnett, residential, $290,000

28553 Tracy Road, Perrysburg Township, from Karen Youngs to Vicky and James Youngs, residential, $168,000

3451 Piper Drive, Northwood, from Sandra and Gary Griffin to Erin and Devin Zeisset, residential, $235,000

25168 Rocky Harbour Drive, Middleton Township, from Jennifer and David Roberts to Gail and Timothy Gerwin, residential vacant land, $62,000

0 and 17800 Monroe Court, Grand Rapids, from Peggy Zbinden to Candice Varga, residential, $172,000

717 N. Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green, from Aaron Stairhime to Natlie and Douglas Stoian, residential, $255,000

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