Perrysburg police praised for response


To the Editor:

I am a Black woman. I have lived in Wood County for three years.

I have a dream that someday I wouldn’t have to worry about Black men being harmed by police brutality. I can say that I have witnessed apart of my dream that came a reality in my home.

I have a family member who is a Black man. In February he was in a very serious crisis because of his grandma, cousin and uncle passing away all within 21 days.

This particular family member was a guest in my home was totally out of control I could not do anything with him; he so badly need psychological help. I was scared and I called 911 for Perrysburg officers to come.

The officers were so very patient, polite and very helpful and understanding. I was so amazed and grateful that I was able to have the right officers handling the 911 call.

The officers had no problem trying to calm him down, ask him what could they do to assist him. The officers was willing to go out of their way to help.

I will never forget what Perrysburg officers did for a Black man that only was guilty of being sick.

I like the Perrysburg Police Department and I trust them. I feel they deserve goodness.

I am planning a benefit for the Perrysburg Police Department. I hope Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is looking down at me proudly because I am trying hard to be productive and achieve something that could make a difference.

Robin Jefferson


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