Don’t let Republicans get away with Issue 1


To the Editor,

As a followup on from my letter last month, I would like to remind normal, reasonable Republicans — it does little good to talk to Donald Trump or MAGA Republicans — that Trump and the MAGA Republicans are playing with your brains to suit themselves.

All they are concerned about is a vote for the Republican slate. They accomplish their goal by turning on your limbic system (emotional brain) and shutting off your neocortrex (thinking brain).

They do this by yelling and screaming to ramp up your limbic system, but then they turn to evolutionary behavior to make it an “us versus them” scenario.

When people first evolved, their behavior was centered around a small group of fellow beings — in order to protect their territory and ensure food, water and shelter by protecting that territory from “invaders.” That’s how one survives long enough to reproduce the species. It is an essential behavior pattern.

The U.S. has been a multi-cultural country for a long time, At the time of the Civil War, the U.S. was a collection of states, not one unified country. The Civil Was was fought to unify those states into one country, with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all.

We are no longer a small group society — we need to think of ourselves as Americans — and not white/Christian Nationalists. We need to be rational and look at societies where the minority tyrannizes the majority. Who wants to live in a society such as Afghanistan or Iraq?

Thinking rationally starts on Tuesday when the Republicans have called for a special election to prevent abortion protection from becoming part of the Ohio Constitution.

Regardless of what you think of the abortion issue, don’t let Republicans get away with this dirty trick. Vote “no’ on Issue 1 and let women decide their reproductive futures.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green

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