Real Estate Transfers: 7-15-23


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

July 5

342 Miller Ave., Luckey, from Elisha Shaner to Chelsey Woodruff and Devin Thomas, residential, $251,100

11843 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, from Matthew Smith and Ivan Smith Jr. to Megan Ingraham and Miguel Rodriguez, residential, $283,000

715 Oak Knoll Drive, Perrysburg, from Jennifer and Dennis Milligan to Kevin Berry, residential, $253,085

840 Whitehall Drive, Perrysburg, from Dawn and Steven Brouwer to Margaret and Ken Hermes, residential, $310,000

2282 Falling Waters Lane, Perrysburg, from Maria Kasza to John and Barbara Amrich, residential, $255,000

3232 Rivers Edge Drive, Perrysburg, from Brian Matters to Sharon and Dennis Gutman, residential, $349,900

956 Maple St., Perrysburg, from Corey and Ryan Aiello to Francis Udowski, residential, $216,750

9775 Carnoustie Road, Perrysburg Township, from David Bryan trustee to Marla and Thomas Ferguson, residential, $680,000

7246 Winding Brook Road, Perrysburg Township, from Nathan and Lauren Rys to Katherine and Dallas Kwapich, residential, $275,000

24446 W. River Road, Middleton Township, from Karl Neiling trustee to Marianne Ballas trustee, residential, $285,000

1393 Bobwhite Drive, Lake Township, from Paul Marshall to Paul Marshall, residential, $405,000

20045 Mulberry St., Hoytville, from June and Bryan Vanatta to Linda and Robert Stull, other residential structures, $5,000

0 and 302 Second St., North Baltimore, from Douglas Troutner et al to Dawn Smith, residential, $87,500

0 and 133 Eberly Ave., Bowling Green, from Michelle and Daniel White to Conner Erdody, residential, $155,000

415 Conneaut Ave., Bowling Green, from Jennifer Strausbaugh to Skyler and Daniel Pereira, residential, $192,000

July 6

910 Oak Knoll Drive, Perrysburg, from Emily and Peter Dileo to Rebecca and James Waltman, residential, $308,000

2021 Adams Court, Perrysburg, from Amanda Reissig and Kevin Berry to Thomas and Rachael Blaine, residential, $468,000

4225 Thornbury Court, Perrysburg, from Northcreek Properties LLC to Guillermo Andres Perilla Moya and Diana Marcela Arenas Jacome, residential vacant land, $880,998

10440 Mandell Road, Perrysburg Township, from Element 319 LLC to Matthew Keller, residential, $211,200

10632 Avenue Road, Perrysburg Township, from 1st Choice Builders LLC to Barbara and Stephen Cuddeback, residential, $325,000

5996 Pelton Road, Perry Township, from Richard McClellan trustee to Kraig Stearns, residential, $191,000

0 and 417 Farnstead Drive, Northwood, from Carol and Jeffery Peake to Michael Shadix, residential, $38,539

106 Enright Drive, Haskins, from Cassandra and Louis Marconi to Gabrielle Jordan and Adam Donnell, residential, $306,000

25327 Appaloosa Court, Middleton Township, from Camille and Anthony Knopps trustees to Rathore Himanshu and Sananjay Singh, residential, $382,000

0 and 4301 Latcha Road, Lake Township, from John Wilson and Julie Bertalan to Imre and Erica Bertalan, residential, $130,000

17556 Wapakoneta Road, Grand Rapids, from Barbara Liggett to Kacie and Joshua Herriott, residential, $239,900

856 Hamilton Court, Bowling Green, from Emily and Douglas Doster to Jared Keyser and Lindsey Schneeg, residential, $263,550

July 7

119 Rossway Ave., Rossford, from Jennie Sanders to Wendy and George Barney, residential, $250,000

101 Cherry Lane, Rossford, from Josephine and Willard Buttner to Lisa and Jeffrey Lyon, residential, $280,000

3242 Chapel Creek Drive, from Sujin Heo and Kyung Chung to Premvati Bhatt and Jay Mehta, residential, $960,000

25571 Brittany Road, Perrysburg, from Charles Elvers trustee to Rachel Nissen and Henry Everitt, residential, $512,000

26696 Sheringham Road, Perrysburg Township, from Eric Warner to Douglas Yoder, residential, $287,000

114 Church St., Wayne, from Joshua Miller to Casey Ladd, residential, $230,000

0 Circle Drive, Millbury, from Reynolds Millbury Lots LLC to Byron Swartz, residential vacant land, $29,000

17670 and 17708 N. Dixie Hwy., Center Township, from Ronald and Cynthia Nickey to Abbott Laboratories, other retail structure, $440,000

1066 Melrose St., Bowling Green, from American Title Agency Inc. trustee to Aaron and Jessica Stairhime, residential, $250,000

1014 Boone Court, Bowling Green, from Andrew Herringshaw to Kathleen and Austin Rodesky, owner occupied two-family dwelling, $173,500

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