Issue 1 will stop special interests from taking advantage in Ohio


To the Editor:

The Aug. 8 special election is an important election in Ohio. To protect our Constitution, we need to pass the proposed amendment.

Ohio is only one of 10 states that allow a simple majority to amend a Constitution. The U.S. Constitution requires two-thirds of the vote in both chambers of Congress and three-fourths of the state legislatures. A Constitution is a foundational document that establishes our form of government. It should reflect widespread support.

For decades special interests have taken advantage of the low threshold currently required in Ohio – just 50 percent plus one vote. For example, it took five attempts, but outside interests and money won the battle legalizing casino gambling 53% to 47%. Our U.S. Constitution has 27 amendments: Ohio has 172 amendments.

The proposed amendment does not end citizen-led constitutional amendments. But by raising the threshold for constitutional amendments to 60% of the voting population, citizens will ensure amendments have widespread support. Since 2008, 14 of 21 proposed amendments passed by over 60%.

The proposed amendment does not change citizen-led initiated statutes or referendums and changes in the Ohio Revised Code,

Additionally, the proposed amendment requires a percentage of signatures from every county in order to put a proposed amendment on the ballot rather than the current 44 of 88 counties, which allows petitioners to pick and choose the counties most likely to support their position.

It is interesting that the League of Women Voters, the ACLU and others opposing Issue One require 60% approval to amend their governing documents.

Vote “yes” on Issue I to ensure more weighty proposed constitutional changes require greater, more widespread support.

Carol Tyson

Bowling Green

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