Fight ‘political weirdness’: Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 1


To the Editor:

Constitution: A statement of the basic principles and laws of a nation, state or group that determines the powers and duties of the government and guarantees certain rights to the people in it.

Such a document is written with great deliberation and care by people who wish that their organization will be guided by their words for a long time to come. A well-written constitution should not be easy to change without the overwhelming agreement of the people in the organization.

There are TV commercials running in Ohio urging a “no” vote on Issue 1 sponsored by a group called One Person One Vote. This group is part of the Fairness Project. The team members of the Fairness Project do not live in Ohio. They reside in Florida, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, California, New York, Texas and Virginia, according to their website. They are all loyal to the Democratic party and campaign and raise money to push progressive and liberal policies nationwide concentrating their efforts in red states such as reproductive rights, police reform, gun control and other progressive issues.

With all the political weirdness going on around the country, our elected representatives see a need to make our Ohio constitution more secure from unwanted outside influencers. We should listen to them and vote “yes” on Issue 1.

Bob Willman

Bowling Green

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