Living the Barbie dream — you can, too


Children have been playing with the Barbie Dream House since the first edition was introduced in 1962. Since then, the iterations of the fantasy dollhouse have grown larger and pinker. Now, a Malibu brokerage firm spills the tea on how much the actual DreamHouse would cost if it sold today.

With the Barbie movie coming to theaters on July 21, all things Barbie are more popular than ever. So RubyHome in Malibu, Calif., ran the numbers on the exclusive real-life property on the Malibu coast.

Luxury Doesn’t Come Cheap

The brokers at RubyHome looked at the home’s amenities and location, then added 10% for the Barbie name recognition. The estimated sale price is $10 million, or $2,880 per square foot, more than three times the median price for homes in the Malibu area.

As one would expect in something called a DreamHouse, there are amenities to spare, including an infinity pool, Pacific Ocean views, and furnishings in classic Barbie style. The 3,500-square-foot single-family home is all pink, and the split-level patios allow guests to enjoy everything the California beach lifestyle offers.

Paying for The Dream

So if someone actually wanted to buy the DreamHouse, and if it were for sale, what would the monthly payment be? Dollar Times estimates payments on a 30-year mortgage at a 6.5% interest rate would be about $63,206 per month. If the buyer made a 20% down payment, they would need to make at least $2 million annually. Barbie would pay $780,000 in closing costs if she sold the property.

Suppose Barbie decided to rent her glamorous pad? She could charge $77,412 per month for the privilege of living in Barbie luxury while she takes a world cruise with the income.

Stay The Night

If someone would love to stay in the house but can’t afford the price tag, there’s a solution besides just watching previous Barbie movies on DVD. For those who can get to Malibu, Airbnb is offering two one-night stays in July at the DreamHouse – for free. Guests are responsible for their travel expenses, and booking opens on July 17 for stays on July 21 and 22. Two guests can stay per night, courtesy of Ken, who is ostensibly opening up the property while Barbie’s away.

In the listing, Ken says he’s added some of his own touches to the decor – mostly cowboy-themed – for guests to enjoy. A concierge service will arrange for meals to be prepared and served to guests, as well. Airbnb insists this is not a contest; guests will register on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, users with the fastest internet connection and nimblest fingers have the best shot at securing one of the available nights.

There’s Even Some Swag

In addition to the bragging rights of staying at the pink palace, guests who snag the booking will also take home a pair of Impala skates and a surfboard. So anyone considering trying for the stay must think about how to transport a surfboard back to the house.

While staying, guests can also try out selections from Ken’s wardrobe, play his guitar, swim in the pool, and use the sound system on the outdoor disco dance floor. Guests may invite friends over, based on the listing – they just can’t stay overnight.

All is not lost for Barbie lovers who don’t get the DreamHouse stay and who can’t travel to California on short notice. Major retailers do sell the Mattel Barbie DreamHouse Playset for about $190. This DreamHouse comes with customizable lights, sounds, a pool, an accessible elevator, an entertainment center, and more. It’s not the real-life DreamHouse, but after all – the Mattel versions have been around much longer and have provided a lot of happy hours of play.

This article was produced by Media Decision and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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