Dangerous dogs need to be dealt with


To the Editor:

This is being written to address a dog concern in Bowling Green.

On March 24, two females were attacked and bitten at different times on Curtis Avenue, one with her small children. These dogs have a “dangerous” designation.

The proximity of these March attacks to City Park, Conneaut Elementary, the high school and middle school, all where children could be playing outside or walking to or from school, is frightening.

These dogs already had a “dangerous” designation from two incidences in November. When these attacks occurred, neither dog appeared to be wearing a tag, were not dragging a required leash, and were on their own without a muzzle. These are required with the “dangerous” designation. At the very least, these dogs should be wearing a “basket muzzle” at all times which allows breathing, eating and drinking, but not biting.

We’ve waited and worried for our safety all summer while the owner(s), through one complaint or another, have put off this issue with the court. They have yet another court date on Monday.

Having learned of so many incidences of these dogs running loose, biting and having to be subdued with pepper spray, something is not working here.

We are tired of the owner(s) antics and delays. School resumes in August. Piddly fines have not deterred these owner(s). Microchipping means nothing when the dogs are roaming on their own.

This community needs a stronger deterrence to ensure these dogs do not ever have the opportunity to run off and cause distress to anyone else again.

Carolyn Diepenbruck

Bowling Green

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