Vote ‘no’ on unbridled power play callled Issue 1


To the Editor:

Vote no on Issue 1 on the Aug. 8 ballot.

The one-party Ohio Legislature, Senate, and Secretary of State are backing this issue to make it harder for citizens to initiate laws. It is an unbridled power play to take away your rights and secure their power for generations to come.

Ballot issues give citizens the freedom to make laws when politicians fail us. This effort is being funded by an out-of-state billionaire who is using his money to take away the rights of Ohio citizens. Money buys influence.

Don’t let it happen. Vote as though your future depends on it because it does.

Deadline to register to vote is July 10.

Early in-person voting begins July 11 and includes the Saturday and Sunday before Election Day.

Absentee voting by mail begins July 11.

Military and overseas absentee voting started June 23.

Election Day: Aug. 8 (polls open 6:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.)

Lee and Milton Hakel

Bowling Green

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