Real Estate Transfers: 6-24-23


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

June 8

10262 Bramblewood Road, Perrysburg Township, from Kayeann and Nicholas Batanian to Adam Smith, residential, $271,000

28544 Hille Drive, Lake Township, from Vandenk Painting LLC to Peyton Marchetto, residential, $220,000

300 W. Walnut St., Henry Township, from Ada Lafferty to Pro Tech Rental Properties LLC, residential, $17,000

720 Ash St., Bowling Green, from Margaret and Michael Convery to Erica Wulff and Natasha Konrad, residential, $230,000

June 9

18525 Main St., Washington Township, from Dona and Steven Powell to Angela and Lamont Green, residential, $90,000

122 Second St., Portage Township, from Matthew Lawson to Mark and Rebecca Reddin, residential, $235,000

9708 Jerry City Road, Portage Township, from Felicia Hoiles to John Benschoter, unplatted residential land, $100,000

15506 Green Road, Plain Township, from Tammy Cook to Julie Ann Peterson, unplatted residential land, $280,000

10337 Roachton Road, Perrysburg Township, from Christine and Douglas Gulgin to Jennifer and Lucas Simpson, residential, $839,000

0 and 115 Main St., Montgomery Township, from Rachel Dissauer Trustee to Megan Hannigan, residential vacant land, $10,000

0 and 302 Salem St., Montgomery Township, from Newlove and Jeffers Rentals LLC to Linda Stephenson, residential, $40,000

417 County Line Road, Montgomery Township, from Newlove and Jeffers Rentals LLC to Anita Leady, residential, $20,000

310 Caldwell Road, Montgomery Township, from Ruby Land LLC to Nicholas Breen, residential, $131,000

211 Parkview Drive, Lake Township, from June Williamson to Christina and William Wheeler III, residential, $220,000

0 and 1530 Woodville Road, Lake Township, from Barbara and Gina Chiappetta to Popovich Rentals LLC, commercial vacant land, $170,000

0 and 1528 Woodville Road, Lake Township, from Barbara and Gina Chiappetta to Popovich Rentals LLC, commercial vacant land, $170,000

0 Woodville Road, Lake Township, from David and Jeannette Imm to Barbara and Gino Chiappetta, residential, $25,000

200 Martin Ave., Freedom Township, from Steven Wagner to Lafe Pitzen, residential, $176,000

17088 Eisenhour Road, Freedom Township, from Sherri and Ronald Murray to Pamela and Duane Howe, residential, $375,000

0 and 801 Pine Valley Drive, from Robyn and Timothy Fralick to Tricia and Mark Petteys, residential, $449,000

June 12

26737 Nawash Drive, Perrysburg, from Daniel Corwin and Heidi Bollin to Kristina and Carl Samuel, residential, $479,900

932 Cherry St., Perrysburg, from Five Spot LCC to Elizabeth and Ramsey Pittman, residential, $290,000

26416 E. Wexford Drive, Perrysburg Township, from James Gollehon to Amy and Ian Oliver, residential, $275,000

0 Sheffield Road, Perrysburg Township, from Susan and James Stahl to Barone Enterprises, vacant residential, $34,920

1331 Pelton Road, Perry Township, from Robert Herman to Kathleen Slaughterbeck, residential, $76,000

3004 Gwilym Drive, Perry Township, from Theresa Guay and Jonathan Seeberger to Krystal and Brian Baeder, residential, $266,500

1393 Bobwhite Drive, Lake Township, from Beth and Thomas Meadows to Paul Marshall, residential, $810,000

1539 Winterwood Court, Bowling Green, from Davida and Shawn Frick to Susan and Larry Brown, residential, $500,000

239 E. Bay Harbor Court, Bowling Green, from Lori and Suresh Mahajan to Michael Decker, residential, $295,000

104 N. Garfield St., Bloom Township, from Marcia Nye to Kendra Nye, residential, $20,000

June 13

590 Bridgeview Drive, Perrysburg, from Elizabeth and Donald Grandowicz to Brock Bates and Begum Gocmen, residential, $257,000

1629 Watermill Land, Perrysburg, from Wilbur and Betty Sue Stevenson to Heather and Michael Friar, residential, $402,500

583 Prairie Rose Drive, Perrysburg, from Greystone 1830 LLC to Kayeann and Nicholas Batanian, residential, $380,000

27433 Tracy Road, Perrysburg Township, from John Androvich to Michael and Katherine White, residential, $156,500

1377 Bobwhite Dr., Lake Township, from Teri and William Bonnett to Beth and Thomas Meadows, residential, $450,000

813 Savoie Ave., Bowling Green, from Tara Boucher to Esther Garcia-Tiio, residential, $78,500

June 14

0 and 706 Glenwood Road, Rossford, from Jamie Weaver to Justin Manley and Sierra Brewer, residential, $200,000

9889 Parliament Place, Perrysburg Township, from Julie and Gregory Harbauer to Michael and Jessica Flaugher, residential, $370,500

30246 Jacqueline Place, Perrysburg Township, from Ras Enterprises II LLC to Jennifer and Kevin Condon, residential vacant, $75,000

29157 E. Broadway Road, Lake Township, from Melanie Keeler-Black to Jeremy Smith, residential, $75,000

0 Yates Road, Bloom Township, from Melissa and Greg Grilliot to Randy Cunningham, 39.63 acres agricultural, $175,000

June 15

18540 Main St., Washington Township, from David Ingle to Rocket Mortgage LLC, residential, $91,200

599 Winding River Court, Perrysburg, from Michael Mori to Christina and Daniel Saffo, residential, $460,000

681 Prairie Rose Drive, Perrysburg, from Jane and David Weber to Sarah and Greg Tilton, residential, $485,000

512 Yorkshire Drive, Middleton Township, from Lisa and Jeffrey Hall to Emily and Jonathon Norden, residential, $325,000

19 Indian Creek Drive, Liberty Township, from Bethany and Tyler Mohre to Alloy Dynamics LLC, residential, $225,000

0 and 29448 Cason St., Lake Township, from Christine Williams to David Hill, residential, $135,000

207 W. Front St., Freedom Township, from Pamela Hobart to Kimberly Hester and Michael Kapp, residential, $180,000

June 16

0 and 10760 Avenue Road, Perrysburg, from Matthew Sebastian to Trisha and Michael Piazza, residential, $660,000

2849 Baird Road, Perry Township, from Nicole and Kevin Beamer to Angela and Mousa Alahmad, 2.32 acres agricultural, $26,100

0 Wayne Road, Montgomery Township, from Karen and Ricky Buchman to Barbara and Michael Pasztor, 10.66 acres unplatted residential, $95,700

0 and 106 Elmwood Road, Lake Township, from Alyss and Brett Grunden to Rachel Rysz, residential, $205,000

26310 Luckey Road, Lake Township, from Lon Burling Sr. to Barbara and Roger Loving, residential, $100,000

804 Fairview Ave., Bowling Green, from Erin and Daniel Kessler to Danielle and Joshua Pecar, residential, $196,000

454 Truman St., Bowling Green, from Kevin Moon to Ciera and Bryce Martin, residential, $240,000

939 N. Summit St., Bowling Green, from Vicki Lemmon to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, residential, $121,100

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