Perrysburg adjusts salaries to be competitive


PERRYSBURG – City council has approved an equity adjustment in salaries to attract and retain a skilled work force.

The legislation was passed as an emergency at Tuesday’s council meeting after members spent more than 30 minutes in executive session.

The pay adjustments are not merit based or promotions but have the sole purpose to establish or maintain salary equity, according to the resolution, which was introduced by Councilman Cory Kuhlman, who is chairman of the personnel committee.

“Over the course of time … we weren’t necessarily paying people on par with similarly situated positions in other areas,” Kuhlman said. “We’re trying to correct that issue.”

A 2023 salary survey showed certain non-bargaining employees within Perrysburg were not paid at the level of their peers.

“The mayor and city council believe that providing these equity adjustments is a smart business decision that will lead to reduced turnover, improved employee morale, increased ability to recruit talent and higher levels of employee productivity. …” read the resolution.

Twenty-six non-bargaining personnel will see their salaries increase, ranging from $1,404 to $21,400.

Positions that saw more than a $10,000 increase include the executive secretary, to $66,000 from $54,343; the waste water treatment plant manager, to $107,000 from $95,604; the finance director, to $135,000 from $113,600; the deputy finance director, to $107,000 from $89,543; the fire administrative assistant, to $66,000 from $54,600; the human resource coordinator, to $66,000 from $55,875; the planning and zoning deputy administrator, to $90,000 from $76,439; the prosecutor, to $107,000 from $95,710; and the income tax commissioner, to $107,000 from $94,169.

“We have very talented people and what we’re trying to do is bring their pay consistent with their performance but also, based on rate studies we’ve done with other government entities of similar size, bring them into line with that,” said Mayor Tom Mackin.

He said the city has been in situations where it was at risk of losing very talented employees because of pay.

The salary adjustments, which total $203,930, will be effective June 12 and can be absorbed by the city’s cash balance.

Any employee receiving an adjustment exceeding 10% of their compensation will not be considered for any additional pay increases until June 25, 2025.

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