It’s a wrap for residential paving in BG


The 2023 paving project associated with the use of American Rescue Plan Act funds and the paving of residential roads is largely complete, according to a Bowling Green city news release.

The contractors replaced isolated curbs, ADA ramps, certain sections of sidewalk and have paved the following roads: Wren Road, Martin Road, Cardinal Road, Teal Trail, Warbler Court, Oriole Road, Phasis Drive, Lafayette Boulevard, portions of Finch Drive, South Orleans Avenue, Hickory Court, Cedar Lane, Oakwood Court, Rosewood Court, Dogwood Court, Rosewood Drive, Beech Lane, Devonshire Street, Cobblestone Drive, Somerset Street, Tamarac Lane, a portion of Kensington Boulevard, Garden Court, a portion of Wallace Avenue, Parker Street, Vine Street and Lambert Drive.

The last portion of the project is the application of a rejuvenating agent, which is a material that is sprayed on the newly paved road and helps to prolong the life of the asphalt. The contractor plans to begin spraying the rejuvenating agent on Monday. During the process, roads must be clear of parked vehicles, which is why the area is marked “no parking.”

An informational flyer will be dropped off to residents who live along all of these roads.

The rejuvenating agent prolongs the life of the newly paved road. While the agent is being applied, intermittent delays should be expected. As part of the process, a small amount of sand is spread on the road, which will be swept up within the week.

Drive slowly if driving over a freshly treated area. On the day of application, refrain from using irrigation systems, washing vehicles or doing anything else that might cause water to inadvertently wash off the freshly applied rejuvenating agent.

The rejuvenating agent can be washed off vehicles and driveways, and does not cause any permanent damage or staining. Material tracked onto driveways will weather off in three weeks or less.

Should rain occur, this work will be delayed to the following day.

The project is ahead of schedule and will be completed long before the contract completion date of October, according to the city.

As a reminder, Mayor Aspacher and Council previously allocated ARPA funds toward the paving of residential roads throughout the City. This is occurring over a 3-year period – 2022, 2023, and 2024

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