Real Estate Transfers: 5-31-23


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

May 22

821 N. Main St., Bowling Green, residential, from Jerald Watkins, to Andrew Shank, $226,592.

100 and 0 N. Third St., North Baltimore, residential, from Village of North Baltimore, to Rodolfo Cano, $1,000.

114 Grey Bridge Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Andrew and Jennifer Montgomery, to Deborah Torres, $779,000.

30 Callander Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Melvern Ayers Jr., to Cynthia Ruff, trustee, $290,000.

0 Kramer Road, Center Township, residential, from Thomas Foos, to CPJ Holdings Corporation, $118,000.

210 Bond St., Pemberville, residential, from Alicia Saam, to Elisha Shaner, $245,000.

May 23

0 Ayes Road, Lake Township, residential, from Myers Properties of Millbury LLC, to Liferock Properties LLC, $56,000.

1928 Lakewood Blvd., Lake Township, residential, from BW & KW, to Nathanial Schwab and Melissa Madson, $255,000.

8093 Rudolph Road, Liberty Township, residential, from Alicia Villegas, to Dylan Blair, $159,500.

23854 Mermill Road, Milton Township, residential, from David Squillante, trustee, to Ambrose Amoako and Deja Harris, $230,000.

867 Elk Ridge Drive, Northwood, residential, from Joseph and Sheri Carraway, to Jennifer and Joel Maguire, $400,000.

112 Secor Woods Lane, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Steffen and Diane Wellstein, trustees, to Adam and Heather Smith, $530,000.

30264 Waterford Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Stephen Mitchell and Daniel LaValley, trustees, to Kylie Vasil and Jay Snell, $650,000.

955 Walnut St., Perrysburg, residential, from Andre Lemerand, to Shroyer Real Estate LLC, $195,000.

May 24

244 East Bay Harbor Court, Bowling Green, residential, from Mitchell Road Village LLC, to J & A Building Ventures LLC, $46,500.

1812 Windjammer Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from J & A Building Ventures LLC, to Daniel and Sandra Davis, $275,000.

416 W. Wooster St., Bowling Green, nursing homes and private hospitals, from Community Hospital Bowling Green Ohio LLC, to Anesa Miller, trustee, $328,500.

933 Pearl St., Bowling Green, residential, from Michael and Alyssa McCurdy, to Blaire Dorsey and Tyler Chamberlain, $250,000.

531 and 0 S. Grove St., Bowling Green, residential, from Matthew and Traci Schimpf, to Peter, Laura and Aidan D’Anna, $256,000.

102 S. Main St., Walbridge, commercial, from Lawrence Erard, to Matthew Erard and Kimberly Dewar, $28,000.

0 Potter Road, Liberty Township, residential, and 0 Sand Ridge Road, Plain Township, agricultural, 52.94 acres, and 16896 Sand Ridge Road, agricultural, 118.84 acres, from Vickie Sweigard, Dawn Hartwig and James Woelke, co-trustees, to James Woelke, $581,800.

425 Park Ave., Fostoria, residential, from Motte & Bailey Assets LLC, to Tiell Properties LLC, $25,000.

26551 Tracy Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Ronald and Jane Recknagel, to Jonathan and Allison Gift, $550,000.

26388 Stillwater Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Jeffrey McPherson et al, to Cynthia Gentry, $350,000.

1954 Horseshoe Bend Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Andrew Mead, to Brandon Veler, $350,000.

11731 Kingsgate Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Timothy and Katherine Morgan, to Patrick and Elisia Marchman, $273,800.

541 Graceway, Rossford, residential, from Jacolyn and Justin Wagner, to Nolan Paterwich, $217,500.

117 and 0 Rossburn Place, Rossford, residential, from Robert and Carol Walls, trustees, to Chase Baney, $211,000.

177 Elm St., Rossford, residential, from Mary Wilder, to Lisa Rouse, $140,000.

20440 W. River Road, Washington Township, residential, from Frank and Susan Marsico and Beth Brown, to Frank and Susan Marsico, $240,000.

May 25

119 and 0 Clay St., Bowling Green, residential, from Mary Parkinson and Marcus Dumas, to AJS Properties LLC, $209,000.

0 Third St., Grand Rapids, residential, from James Glassford, trustee, to Gary and Elise Beal, $25,000.

315 and 0 Main St., Bradner, residential, from Joshua and Elle Mettler, to Zachariah, Christine and Erick Linhart, $135,000.

10344 Brookside Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Sarah and Erik Welling, to Rama Hamad and Tawfik Salman, $355,500.

1013 Dwyer Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Saba Home Builders at Hawthorne LLC, to Alexander and Blayre Carter, $599,900.

May 26

414 Findlay St., Perrysburg, residential, from Jon Schwarzentraub, to James Burnside II, $230,000.

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