It’s just crazy for BG school board to ask for another levy


To the Editor:

Bowling Green City School is an example of insanity. It’s time for taxpayers to demand fiscal accountability as the board of education prepares to seek another $70 million levy.

The county auditor has released nearly $13 million for first half property taxes (Sentinel, April 19). The 2023 BGCS property tax budget is $19 million. The $6 million surplus will need to be managed wisely ( Spending millions today and demanding demolition tomorrow seems to be the norm.

Board member Tracy Hovest believes that factory employees will not reside here without a new school (Sentinel, Jan. 15).

BOE President Ryan Myers believes that, “this is a community/city issue” (Sentinel, Dec. 7). The mayor and council believe that a levy is a good thing. Spoken like true politicians.

What constitutes community when rural residents have no voice on council? Furthermore, rural residents have no board representation. Taxpayers who volunteered to switch districts are met with continuing harassment.

Superintendent Francis Scruci told another media outlet that “a segment of the district’s population is blocking any progress toward a new building. Until you get … the city to control the city schools, this is going to be a recurring issue.”

BGCS is clear about who is part of their community right down to the word city on the bus.

BG has a 30% poverty rate (census) and high rental rates that will continue to rise as property taxes increase 25% to 50%.

Farmers (who can not pass increases onto customers like other businesses) will pay thousands in higher taxes to feed America. Additionally, retirees will be squeezed even tighter.

It’s disheartening that some board members and levy supporters live in fantasy land while some people dig in the couch for gas or rent money. Taxpayers should realize that wealthy levy supporters will not pay your bills when things go south.

Thankfully, board President Ryan Myers realizes that more property taxes “is not what the voters wanted” after the last levy failure (Sentinel, Nov. 11).

Different avenues such as income, sales taxes and/or donations should be used. Myers agrees that “we have to do something” (Sentinel, Dec. 7).

Unfortunately, the board believes that “something” is running the same levy time and time again expecting different results. Pure insanity.

Chris Sabo

Bowling Green

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