Perrysburg Twp. asks voters to renew fire levies


LIME CITY — Two fire department levy renewals will go before Perrysburg Township voters in November.

The trustees approved the renewal of two fire department levies at last week’s meeting.

The five-year levies are for 1.0 mill, and 2.0 mills, to support the fire/ems department. For a $100,000 house the tax estimates are $28 and $56, and the levies will yield $418,160 and $836,320 for the township.

Wood County Auditor Matt Oestreich said that he is often asked why a township would continue renewing multiple levies.

“We encourage them to do a renewal because they are both qualified levies,” Oestreich said. “The local taxpayer will not have to pay the full amount, 10% is reimbursed and another 2.5% for owner occupied, from the state of Ohio. It has to have been on the books prior to 2013 and has not been replaced.”

Ultimately, he explained that because the trustees go with a renewal, instead of a replacement, it saves the residents money.

In other business, both fire and police departments will be upgrading radios.

Police Chief Mark Hetrick said that the department will be “jumping on the bandwagon,” with the Toledo Police Department and other agencies that are pooling their resources to get volume discounts on new mobile radios.

The township police department canceled a previous pending purchase for a total combined purchase with Motorola Solutions of five portable radios for $20,166.

The fire department will also purchase from Motorola Solutions for two mobile radios and five portable radios at a total cost of $33,484.

The department will also hire James Brazeau as a new patrolman at $34.38 per hour. Amanda Seelman has resigned from full-time work, but is still making herself available on a part-time basis.

Trustees authorized the purchase of uniforms for three recently hired officers at a cost of $15,000, from Traffic Stop.

The fire department has also received the nine fire hoses it ordered and trustees have approved the payment of $2,045, plus any freight costs.

The fire department has also received a grant from TC Energy for a forcible entry simulator for $10,500.

The following resolutions were prepared by Administrator Jon Eckel, but were read by Trustee Joe Schaller, because Eckel is out on sick leave.

The Wood County engineer has received a proposal from DGL Consulting Engineers with a revised field survey, geotechnical investigation and all related documents, for a total of $90,966, which the trustees approved.

Also approved was the renewal of the Ohio Township Association Management Authority insurance at a cost of $114,963.

Wood County Park District Director Chris Smalley also delivered news that the township qualified for a local park improvement grant for $4,000.

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