Gibsonburg man arrested for aggravated menacing in BG


A Gibsonburg man was arrested for aggravated menacing after he allegedly threatened another with a knife.

Bowling Green police received a report around 3:10 a.m. Tuesday of an aggravated menacing that occurred in the 100 block of South Enterprise Street.

Downtown cameras showed the suspect head north across East Wooster Street and officers observed a man walking through Ridge Park that matched the description given by the alleged victim.

The male, identified as Scott A. Dodd Jr., 22, tossed something on the ground when confronted by officers, according to the Bowling Green Police Division report.

A white pocket knife was found on the ground.

Dodd told police he was supposed to purchase Xanax from a friend, but it turned out to be Advil. When he confronted the friend, he brandished a knife and threatened him.

The alleged victim told police Dodd had grabbed him by the hand and held the knife to his neck. When he backed away, Dodd swung the knife at him, according to the police report.

Dodd admitted to police he brandished the knife but denied he held it to the man’s throat.

A search of the alleged victim uncovered a pill bottle with what he said was Xanax although it wasn’t in the actual prescribed bottle because he said he lost it. He told police he bought the drugs off the street.

Police told the man he could face charges if the drugs were discovered to be a controlled substance he did not have a prescription for.

The pills will be tested.

Dodd was arrested for aggravated menacing and was taken to jail.

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