Real Estate Transfers: 3-29-23


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

March 17

829 W. Newton Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Richard and Myra Voorhis, trustees, to AG Pro Real Estate Investments III LLC, $950,000.

307 and 0 S. Tarr St., North Baltimore, residential, from Jolynn Stewart, to Mary Jane McCartney, $117,500.

7100 and 0 Sugar Ridge Road, Webster Township, residential, from Sandra Gardner, trustee, to Lauren Rosendale, $240,000.

March 20

653 Rosewood Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Middleton Trace LLC, to Elodie Schreiber and Dominic Gentile, $51,000.

210 Main St., Pemberville, residential, from Wendy Walston-Vaugh and Jeremy Walston, trustees, to Ivena Panacopoulos, $160,000.

923 Bradner Road, Lake Township, residential, from Nathan Ferron, to Eric and Kyla Hart, $235,000.

307 Elm St., Walbridge, residential, from Harold and Shirley Cutcher, to Gary and Modesta Cummins, $188,000.

0 Otsego Pike, Milton Township, agricultural, 40.66 acres, from Deborah Codeluppi and Diane Eisel, trustees, to Cole and Chelsea Behrman, $386,270.

0 Defiance Pike, Milton Township, agricultural, 124.59 acres, from Deborah Codeluppi and Diane Eisel, trustees, to Tim and Marty Behrman, $1,183,605.

4560 Greensburg Pike, Montgomery Township, residential, from Matthew Reynolds, to Benjamin and Evelyn Church, $225,000.

2214 Sheffield Place, Northwood, residential, from Daniel Molnar, to Derek Sapp, $2,500.

2300 and 0 Sheffield Place, Northwood, residential, from Jane Gilbert and Deborah James, to Cynthia LaBeau and Austin LaBeau II, $117,900.

3961 Dalling Road, Northwood, residential, from Lawrence Sitkaukaus, to Jennie and James Pursley, $209,000.

911 and 0 Pine St., Perrysburg, residential, from Megdanoff Properties Ltd., to Laura Burrell, $375,000.

2265 Coe Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Patrick and Joyce Gayton, to Dominic and Kelsie Pestello, $340,000.

4339 Morgan Place, Perrysburg, residential, from Phillip and Jennifer Worley, to Evan and Clerissa Seamons, $496,000.

422 Wolf Creek Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Kyle Beer, to Justin Fujka and Ashley Dunlap, $290,000.

126 Pheasant Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Taylor and Michael Basler, to Matthew Wurzel and Jessie Byington, $260,000.

1068 S. Ironwood, Rossford, residential, from Theodore Garrett, to Laurie Pokornik, $310,000.

March 21

3748 Lakepointe Drive, Lake Township, residential, from Kevin and Kathy McCloskey, to Cody and Laura Palmer, $55,000.

13917 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Carol Russell, to Brenda Dietz, $398,000.

1750 Devils Hole Road, Troy Township, residential, from Peggy Dyal, to Jeseka and John Wagner, $465,000.

March 22

0 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, agricultural, 76.07 acres, from trustee Kevin Ziegler and James Dutton, to Kevin Ziegler, trustee, $380,350.

0 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, agricultural, from James Dutton, to Kevin Ziegler, trustee, $34,320.

1245 Hanley Road, Lake Township, residential, from Douglas Boos, to Phyllis Patterson, $238,000.

0 Main St., Millbury, residential, from Dana Bockbrader, to Lisa Carlin, $195,000.

26609 Amberwood Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Ross and Ashley Peters, to Dustin Fair, $347,000.

925 Cherry St., Perrysburg, residential, from Marcus Grodi, to Elizabeth and Michael Campana, $215,000.

March 23

625 and 0 S. Summit St., Bowling Green, residential, from Shelbi Thornton and Foster Stretchbery, to Foster Stretchbery, $57,350.

12208 Mermill Road, Portage Township, residential, from Richard and Judith Kendall, to Matthew Kendall, $12,579.

March 24

1732 Windjammer Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Mitchell Road Village LLC, to J & A Building Ventures LLC, $44,000.

1815 Cherry St., Millbury, residential, from Thomas Theodore, to Kenneth Newman and Katie Hale, $240,000.

212 Center St., Wayne, residential, from Warren Hathaway, to Rodney Canterbury, $60,000.

194 Farnstead Drive, Northwood, residential, from Timothy Seibert, to Jeffrey and Shauna Brown, $192,500.

9571 Bishopswood Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from John Myers, to David and Amy Frye, $286,900.

0 Wall St., Tontogany, residential, from Gerald Asmus, to Jason Shawberry, $25,000.

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