Trump must not be allowed to do any more damage


To the Editor:

I have been a Republican for over 35 years and know some people in Washington, D.C. This whole thing around Donald Trump is a joke.

Trump is a conman, coward, bully and liar. He is responsible for Jan. 6. The phone calls where he wanted to change the votes for himself in Georgia were terrible. He is the most dangerous man in America. His attorneys will not be able to help him much.

Trump was the worst president in history. He looks up to dictators. Trump will never be president again. The sooner these people see this, the better we will all be.

The Republican party should have impeached him and we would have not gone through any of this. Our Democracy is at stake and our Constitution and what we stand for. Trump’s followers do not care about the 240 years America has been a great country, and would destroy it. Some of the Republicans should be forced out of politics for standing by Trump no matter what. They may lose everything in 2024 again.

I never cared about politics until Trump came along and ran for president. I knew he would not be good for America and I was right. He has lied all of his life to get what he wants. He is dangerous for America. The things he still says are getting people to pick up guns and slaughter people. This cannot be tolerated anymore. He is dangerous to America and the world. He has divided our country from the people we used to be.

Ernie Frohlich


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