Wood County participates in statewide tornado test on Wednesday


There will be a statewide tornado drill on Wednesday. This is Ohio Severe Weather Awareness Week.

The outdoor warning sirens will sound and various media outlets will be running a test of the Emergency Alert System.

Wood County residents are encouraged to physically practice or think about where to go in case of an emergency, according to the Wood County Emergency Management Agency.

If family is separated, how would everyone contact each other if cell phones were overloaded? Is there a family member or friend outside the area that could act as a go-between for communications? If you are driving what would you do?

Studies have shown, if you think through something beforehand, you will likely respond better if it happens, the EMA said.

Watch vs. Warning

Watches are the National Weather Service’s way to let you know to start preparing for a warning. No matter what the reason for the weather warning, once it is issued it may be too dangerous to go outside.

When a watch is issued, think about how will you respond should it progress to a warning. If you need to travel, simply take a few minutes and come up with plan should a warning be issued during your commute. Can you delay travel or leave early? Other questions to consider are: Do you have a safe place to go for shelter? How will you get the weather alert? Where will my family be and are they safe?

When dependent on using a storm shelter, plan on having some backup options. You never know when a shelter will be closed, under renovation, in use, or any other reasons why it is not available or accessible. Investigate this early and do not wait for the warning.

For more information see the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness website https://weathersafety.ohio.gov/ or visit FEMA’s Ready.gov site at: https://www.ready.gov/

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