International high school students need host homes


Pan Atlantic Foundation has announced that several international students have been approved and are making plans to arrive in Northwest Ohio. They just need volunteer host families.

Many students want to attend an American accredited high school and live out their dream year with a local family in this area.

“If you never hosted, it’s a wonderful opportunity you’ll likely do again and again,” said Pan Atlantic Foundation’s Area Representative Jennifer Baldridge.

PAF students speak English and arrive with the appropriate visas, medical insurance, and spending money. They are eager to share their culture and want to learn ours. Host families come in all shapes and sizes with children or without children. The main ingredient is kindness.

Hosts need to provide meals and a bed (can share a room with another sibling of the same gender within a similar age-range).

They also need to a welcoming home for a student for either one or two semesters, an appropriate place to study, meals at home and school (if a student chooses to purchase a school lunch, it is at their own expense(, and assistance coordinating appropriate transportation.

As a host, families learn about another culture, language, provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience and form a forever bond with your exchange son or daughter.

The application process is simple and hosts can be approved within a week, typically.

“We look forward to helping match great students and families quickly so everyone can prepare for late summer arrivals before the fall school year begins,” said Baldridge. “It’s a wonderful life-changing experience and students help us grow our worldwide family.”

For more information about hosting and the countries from which students are coming, contact Baldridge at [email protected].

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