March madness ‘23: An AP trivia quiz for the NCAA Tournament


How well do you know the NCAA Tournament? Try this AP trivia quiz about the history of March Madness:

1. What is the name of the video highlight recap of each year’s NCAA Tournament?

2. What is the highest number of games one team can play in a single NCAA Tournament?

3. What team emerged from the first-ever First Four to reach the Final Four?

4. Which coach has won the most NCAA Tournament games? Hint: He is retired.

5. Eight schools have won more than two NCAA tournament titles. Which one has not?

a.) Kansas

b.) Villanova

c.) North Carolina State

d.) Connecticut

6. Who is the only three-time Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four?

7. What was the first No. 16 seed to win in the NCAA Tournament? Who did they beat?

8. What was the first No. 15 seed to win in the NCAA Tournament? Who did they beat?

9. Who is the only coach to win the national championship at two schools?

10. Who holds the NCAA career record for most points scored in the tournament?

11. What program has made the most appearances in the NCAA Tournament and has the most victories in tournament games?

12. Which team has never won the NCAA men’s basketball championship?

a.) Notre Dame

b.) Ohio State

c.) Cincinnati

d.) Wyoming

13. How many UCLA teams had unbeaten seasons under John Wooden, culminating in the national championship?

14. John Wooden coached 10 of UCLA’s 11 championship winners. Who coached the other?

15. What is the farthest a No. 15 seed has ever advanced in the NCAA Tournament?

16. Who holds the single-game scoring record for the NCAA Tournament (Division I)?

17. Which player scored a record 44 points in an NCAA championship game, making 21 of 22 shots from the field?

18. Who closed his NCAA Tournament career with a 50-point performance in a losing effort?

19. What is the lowest seed ever to reach the Final Four? Bonus: Name the five teams.

20. What is the lowest seed to win the NCAA Tournament? Bonus: Name the team.

21. Who is credited with coining the phrase “March Madness”?

22. Which program is the last to win back-to-back championships?

23. What team owns the largest comeback in an NCAA Tournament game (Division I)?

24. Which player led San Francisco to back-to-back NCAA Tournament titles in 1955 and 1956?

25. Which Duke player threw the pass that Christian Laettner converted into a game-winning buzzer-beater to beat Kentucky in the 1992 tournament? Bonus: How much time was on the clock?


1. One Shining Moment.

2. Seven, if they start in the First Four.

3. VCU in 2011.

4. Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski with 97.

5. c, North Carolina State

6. Lew Alcindor (now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).

7. UMBC beat Virginia 74-54 in 2018.

8. Richmond beat Syracuse 73-69 in 1991.

9. Rick Pitino, at Kentucky in 1996 and Louisville in 2013.

10. Christian Laettner of Duke with 407 points.

11. Kentucky: 58 appearances, 129 wins.

12. Notre Dame.

13. Four.

14. Jim Harrick in 1995.

15. Saint Peter’s reached the Elite Eight of the 2022 tournament before losing 69-49 to national runner-up North Carolina.

16. Austin Carr of Notre Dame scored 61 points in a game against Ohio in the first round of the 1970 tournament.

17. Bill Walton, UCLA, 1973 vs. Memphis State.

18. Navy’s David Robinson in a 97-82 first-round loss to Michigan.

19. 11 – LSU in 1986, George Mason in 2006, VCU in 2011, Loyola Chicago in 2018 and UCLA in 2021.

20. Eighth-seeded Villanova in 1985.

21. CBS broadcaster Brent Musberger.

22. Florida in 2006 and 2007.

23. BYU, which trailed Iona by 25 points in a 2012 First Four game before winning 78-72.

24. Bill Russell.

25. Grant Hill. Bonus: 2.1 seconds.


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