Sub-par officiating should be called out


To the Editor:

I recently attended a Bowling Green State University women’s basketball home game against Northern Illinois University. One of the officials tried to unsuccessfully get me removed from the game because I questioned his officiating skills and clear bias against BG. I did not swear at the official or say anything rude.

My comment wasn’t even directed toward him but all three officials. I said they should call the game fairly for both sides and that the officiating was subpar at best.

Apparently he took issue with what I said at the beginning of halftime. He said ” that’s enough of this guy” meaning me and he even pointed at me when he approached the BGSU police officer.

I made sure to approach the officer after the ref went away and I explained to him that I didn’t say anything out of line. There was a photographer at the game who also approached the officer and backed me up.

Officials shouldn’t be trying to get fans who question their officiating removed from the game, especially when the fan didn’t do anything wrong.

I was sitting directly behind the BG bench and I’m sure if I had actually said something out of line then the bench would have said something to me.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time I’ve had a run-in with the official. Back when BGSU still played at Anderson Arena, he tried to get me removed and failed at doing so. Apparently he has held a grudge against me for five years.

I ultimately found it funny because I know I did nothing wrong and had plenty of witnesses to back me up.

I sincerely hope he reads this and feels silly for doing what he did.

Dustin Smith

Bowling Green

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