Non-president Trump has no business in East Palestine

To the Editor:

When is Donald Trump going to be pushed aside and a better, more qualified, less divisive and less authoritarian individual going to emerge?

Where is a person who actually cares about all Americans and not just their super rich donors or extremists, insurrectionists that currently make up the what was the Republican Party.

With this being the case,and after every bad thing that Trump and his followers did while in office and on Jan. 6, why was he invited to East Palestine?

The man is not president. He’s incapable of showing empathy for the victims of this disaster. And the man is under numerous investigations.

What is wrong with this state. What has gone wrong, that a good majority of my fellow Ohioans think that bringing this man into our state after a major disaster is the solution to what these people are going through.

Let’s be clear here, what set the stage for this disaster was the deregulation and relaxing of the safety regulations regarding rail transport of these chemicals. This was Trump’s brilliant idea, and not Biden’s.

I think it’s about time that my fellow Ohioans, JD Vance and Bob Latta should stop bringing this criminal to our great state, stop lying for this man, and start doing everything they can to help these people.

I don’t think the chemicals will be cleaned up by tossing rolls of paper towels at people and lying about the 2020 election that Trump lost.

Raymond J. Gomez

Grand Rapids