At your service: Frank’s Automotive specializes in friendliness


In 2003, Frank and Wendy Weldon opened Frank’s Automotive. They offer many types of automotive services such as brake repairs, engine repairs, diagnostics, oil changes and towing.

Frank and Wendy Weldon originally ran the shop by themselves and have tried to keep the business family oriented. They have since hired employees, two of which are their sons. Wendy Weldon said their sons grew up with the business and have become very involved in both the mechanics and the towing.

Along with keeping their business family oriented, both Frank and Wendy Weldon said they always try to treat their customers like family and friends.

“We’re also different because we don’t look at people as a number. We actually get to know our customers. We have customers that actually come back in and will just come and visit. Just stop in and chit chat for a few minutes. Tell us how things are going in their life, whatever,” Wendy Weldon said. “We really care about people, and we really try to help people out the best that we can.”

While Frank Weldon said he thinks his business is competitive with other Bowling Green automotive shops, he also said he tries to do his best to give people the best price options available.

Frank’s Automotive offers towing throughout the Bowling Green area, but Frank Weldon said depending on the distance he will direct the customers to another company that is closer and would be cheaper.

“So sometimes we’ll suggest just because of the cost of what it may be, it might be easier to call somebody closer to them,” he said. “So we try to help save them some money even though we’re not towing the vehicle.”

Along with offering different towing options, the Weldons said they do their best to make Bowling Green State University students feel comfortable.

Wendy Weldon said when students from out of town come to them, they offer to contact family members back home who know a little about mechanics. She said this offers students a sense of security and keeps everyone on the same page.

As technology has advanced, Frank’s Automotive has begun to use it to keep people informed.

Frank Weldon said they now send texts and pictures to their clients so that everyone is on the same page and aware of what needs to be fixed or is being fixed.

“So we don’t want to be a one-hit wonder, we want to make sure we consistently take care of people and we also give advice besides just repairing cars,” he said. “And sometimes we’re overly honest, where you know if there’s a car that we feel that it’s just not worth putting that kind of money into we’re going to advise the customer, say hey, no, I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Prices stay the same for everyone, Frank Weldon said, even if they aren’t local. They also offer student and military discounts.

Frank’s Automotive, 921 N. Main St., is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.6- p.m.

“So we like to treat people as people, but they are a customer and when they come in they want to get good reliable service done and they’re also, they’re local in the community. So we like to be community friendly, Falcon friendly with BGSU students and we have lots of them that we think of them as more than just a customer,” Frank Weldon said. “We take more of a personal interest in them as well.”

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