BG homeowners need to check their privilege


To the Editor:

After attending numerous Bowling Green Council meetings, I cannot help but to speak on the rhetoric surrounding the new proposed zoning code.

First, I have lived in Bowling Green for 13 years and have rented for all of those years. I should not be classified as “transitory resident” simply because I rent my home.

The house I live in was one of the first homes built on Parker Street, giving it some historical significance. My fiancé and I take great care of our home — we care about preserving it as much as our landlord. In fact, one of our goals was to find a place that we could leave in better condition than when we found it. We are on track to do so in our current home. The notion that rentals are inherently bad is classist thinking.

Second, of all the people I have seen speak at city council about zoning, I have seen barely anyone speak in support of the anti-discrimination ordinance recently passed. Nor have I seen many speak in support of the racial resolution passed in 2020. I have not seen most at Juneteenth or Rainbow Rally. For people so concerned with the integrity of their neighborhoods, they don’t seem to be concerned about the people in them. All I hear them speak of is their property values.

What I have witnessed is a great deal of privilege. Instead of simply being grateful to own a home close to downtown, they fear change. They fear an outsider coming into their town with new ideas. I have yet to see statistics that show me their fears are based in fact.

I write this letter to remind all homeowners to check their privilege. You are in a position that many cannot afford. Think of them as you move forward with your efforts.

Lindsay Jo Durham

Bowling Green

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