Record amount of donations given to BG schools


Bowling Green City Schools beat its record for gifts and donations in a month.

At Tuesday’s board of education meeting, $18,010 in donations were accepted.

“This is a record month for us,” said Superintendent Francis Scruci.

Donations to 1BookBG included $100 from Patricia Cochrane; $50 from Roman and Meg Carek; $100 from SamB’s (George and Amy Strata); $100 from Beckett’s Burger Bar (George and Amy Strata); $50 from Nan Rothrock; $20 from Alice and John Calderonello; $1,000 from Crim Elementary PTO; $150 from Rock Em Sock Em Retro (Jon Minniear); $100 from Rachel and Dr. Ryan Phipps; $50 from Darlene Petkwitz; $300 from Andrew and Kassandra Stalter; $20 from Linda Duda; $75 for Crim Elementary from Brandon and Melissa Hemminger; $75 from Call of the Canyon (Ardy Gonyer); $30 from Ellyn Stout; $45 for Crim second grade from Jeff and Stacey Higgins; $50 from Brent and Suzanne Fahrer; $50 from Anne and Bruce Kidder; $75 from Roger Anderson; $50 from Joan and Bob Callecod; $24 from Frances Brent; $100 from anonymous; $100 from Michael Sibbersen; and $207 collected at the January board meeting.

1BookBG is still in need of donations to purchase books, said board member Ginny Stewart.

“We hope that every student will have their own copy of the book,” she said.

Books are $3 apiece and donations can be dropped off at the Central Administration Office on Clough Street.

After-prom donations included $1,200 from BGHS Athletic Booster Club; $60 from William and Jennifer Lewis; $120 from Lan Li and Hong Xu; $200 from Huntington Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC; $100 from Marsh and Marsh; and $200 from Greenlock Storage LLC.

Donations to cover school lunches included $50 from Edith Scarletto; $25 from anonymous; and $250 for Crim Elementary from the Donna Pulschen Trust.

Donations also were accepted for $1,000 to the PAC for sound/lighting/stage/shop from anonymous; $8,005.05 to fifth grade camp for Conneaut students from Conneaut PTO; $500 for FFA from Thomas and Jacque Bateson; $300 to drama club from Diane Shetzer; $353 for DECA from Bowling Green Blueliners; $184 for high school Lifeskills from Bowling Green Blueliners; and $162 for BG Choirs from Ortinau Art LLC.

Metal lunchboxes for students were accepted from Black Swamp Games (Dustin Shammo); the First Presbyterian Church donated $400 in school supplies and $100 in snacks to Crim Elementary; Roman and Meg Carek donated $100 in snacks to Crim; Cathy Kirian donated $30 in snacks to Kenwood Elementary; and Eileen Underwood and Richard Rowlands donated $60 in snacks to the high school pantry.

Gift cards valued at $1,000 were given to BGHS girls basketball from Meijer, store director Kim Hamilton-Harper and Rosario King; and $350 in school supplies were donated by Staples from the fundraiser kit, by manager Daniel Smith and Justin Jones.

The amount accepted in January was 16,258, which previously was the record.

Each of the district’s five buildings are still in need of snacks and other items, Stewart said.

The BGHS Bobcat Academy needs prepackaged healthy snacks such as granola bars and fruit snacks and bottled water.

Conneaut Elementary can use girls; pants sizes 10, 12 and 14, while Crim Elementary is requesting bottled water, Cheez-Its and Goldfish.

The Bobcat Pantry at the middle school is in need of packaged snacks and new packaged socks and underwear, all sizes, for both boys and girls.

Healthy snacks are needed at Kenwood Elementary in addition to boys’ and girls’ pants sizes 8-12 and 4 to 6-ounce drinking cups.

“On behalf of the district, we are very appreciated of all the donations that continue to come through,” Stewart said.

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