Eastwood bowlers win sectional titles


PORT CLINTON —Both the Eastwood boys and girls bowling teams won Division II sectional championships last week at Star Lanes in Port Clinton and are advancing.

The Eastwood boys team qualified for the district meet this Thursday, starting at 10 a.m. at Interstate Lanes in Rossford. Rossford finished as sectional runner-up at Port Clinton and also qualified for the district tournament at its home center, Interstate Lanes.

The Eastwood girls team will bowl in the district meet at Interstate Lanes Friday at 10 a.m.

In the boys sectional last Thursday, Eastwood scored 3,693, followed by district placers Rossford (3,638) and Willard (3,591).

Other team scores were Sandusky Perkins (3,533), Old Fort (3,523), Edison (3,428), Fremont St. Joseph (3,288), Port Clinton (3,113), Vermilion (2,880), Mansfield St. Peter’s (2,461) and Huron (2,186).

Eastwood’s game scores were 772-907-932—2,611 and Baker games were 166-147-187-215-174-193—1,082.

Rossford game scores were 861-851-886—2,598 and Baker games were 155-209-139-170-165-202—1,040.

For the Eagles, junior Jordan Kieper bowled 132-218-172—522, senior Trent Marten bowled 150-209-200—559, freshman Hayden Wahl bowled 164-176-225—665, and senior Austin Shiffler bowled 201-170-193—564.

Junior Josh Beard had games of 134 and 142, and senior Robby Rothenbuhler bowled a 125 to round out Eastwood scoring.

For Rossford, junior Trevor Wayne bowled 190-182-246—618, sophomore Billy Graffius IV bowled 159-125-120—404, senior Ethan Jones bowled 166-174-145—484, senior Owen Hill bowled 193-156-195—544, and sophomore Quintan Borden bowled 153-214-180—547.

Wayne’s 618 score was the second in the sectional, placing only behind Old Fort senior Hayden Tarris (279-210-279—786), who qualified for the district as an individual.

At the girls sectional last Friday at Star Lanes, Eastwood scored 3,237 pins to narrowly defeat Perkins (3,235) by two pins.

Willard (3,017) was third, followed by Vermilion (2,873), PC (2,812), Seneca East (2,672), Rossford (2,661), Edison (2,655), Old Fort (2,335) and Huron (2,320).

Eastwood game scores were 739-767-800—2,306 and Baker scores were 139-144-134-206-156-152—3,237.

For the Eagles, freshman Makenzie Grover bowled 141-163-162—466, junior Delaine Zura bowled 140-159-165—464, junior Abby Rothenbuhler bowled 194-147-168—509, and junior Cassi Kieper bowled 155-175-150—480.

Eastwood senior Jacey Wonderly bowled a 155 game and substitutes bowled 109 and 123 games.

Rothenbuhler’s 509 series was fourth out of the entire sectional, placing behind Perkins Junior Leah Kaufman (211-168-213—592), Seneca East freshman Gracie Webster (182-173-156—511), and Perkins freshman Olivia Lizzi (218-133-159—510).

Rossford game scores were 634-608-662—1,904 and Baker scores were 127-152-111-133-129-105—757.

For the Bulldogs, senior Kaitlyn Dewey bowled 129-111-158—398, junior Alex Spears bowled 144-140-129—413, and senior Cydnee Baney bowled 125-117-165—407.

Sophomore Madeline Logan bowled 121 and 117 games, junior Emilie Herman bowled a 115 game, junior Paige Danford bowled 123, freshman Dana Chen bowled 126 and junior Haley Hall bowled 84 for Rossford.

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