Tax dollars helped with home renovations and transportation to those in Bowling Green who need assistance.

Bowling Green Council heard an update from Community Development Administrator Martha Woelke and Housing Program Administrator Matt Snow at last week’s meeting.

Speaking on the city’s Community Development Block Grant program, Woelke said that in 2022, 41 residents experiencing homelessness were assisted through their partnership with the Salvation Army.

The Business Revolving Loan Fund made $343,000 in loans to support new and existing businesses, and 11 jobs were created.

From a combination of city contributions, an ODOT grant and CDBG support, BG Transit provided over 29,000 rides. BG Transit also added three new accessible vans in 2022.

Woelke said that they have received applications from four non-profits requesting funds from the $500,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funding which was set aside for non-profits.

Applications to the city’s micro-grant program will also be dealt with later this year.

Snow said that, via APRA funding set aside for housing programs, in 2022 they assisted 10 households with an average project cost of $10,570.

He said that typical repairs requested under the programs included roof and gutter replacements, HVAC replacements, window replacements, and driveway replacements.

Snow said that in 2023, he foresees they will assist 21 households through the ARPA funding, and initial inspections for that work have already been completed. He said that this year, ranked in order, the most requested repairs are roofs, windows, HVAC, siding, driveways and miscellaneous electrical and plumbing repairs.