BG man: Religion should not be taught in schools


To the Editor,

I would like to support the letter to the editor by Lee Hakel about using time during the school day to engender religious education, even if such education takes place off school grounds (BG woman: School story headline ‘wildly misleading,’ Feb. 8).

I have no objection to teaching about religion, so long as all religions are taught equally and without discrimination. However, I do not think that that is what LifeWise wishes to do. Religion should be taught in churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. — not in schools, unless it is treated as history and taught dispassionately.

Schools are where truth (as best we know it) is taught. And this leads me to comment on the book banning going on in MAGA Republican states, as well as the alteration in school curricula in those states.

This is clearly an attempt to convert the truth to whatever revisionist version of history suits the MAGA Republican agenda. Remember that in Nazi Germany, the Nazis brainwashed their people with the Aryan philosophy — and look what happened. Now schools in Germany teach about the horrors of the Nazis, so that something like Hitler never happens again.

Slavery has been around for at least 5,000 years, but only within the last 200 years or so has it been called out for what it is: evil. If one does not learn from the mistakes of history, then one is bound to repeat those mistakes. Truth will set us free, but that can not happen unless we know the truth.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green

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