Wayne man sentenced for stealing vehicle


A Wayne man has been sentenced to community control for stealing a vehicle from an auction house.

Blake Repasz-Racheter, 21, appeared Jan. 30 in the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Molly Mack.

Repasz-Racheter was placed on intervention in lieu of conviction for two years in August 2021 after pleading guilty to theft of a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony.

During this time, the court ordered that he abstain from using alcohol and drugs, participate in treatment, submit to regular drug/alcohol testing, and comply with all other terms established by the judge.

If completed successfully, the judge would dismiss the felony case.

In April 2022, Repasz-Racheter violated the terms of ILC by consuming alcohol, which he admitted to at an adult probation appointment. In May, Mack added one year to his plan of intervention.

In October at a mandatory drug screen, he tested positive for THC.

Defense attorney Christopher Lawrence said the presumption was a sentence of community control.

“He is remorseful for his actions,” Lawrence said.

The theft occurred a couple months after he graduated high school, he said, and the victim owned an auction or junk yard and that’s where the vehicle was located.

Mack convicted Repasz-Racheter in December of grand theft of a motor vehicle and sentenced him Jan. 30 to two years of community control.

He was ordered he have no contact with his co-defendant Ethan Greenwalt and Avina Auctions.

The defendants have paid restitution of $1,711 to Andre Avina of Avina Auctions in Wayne.

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