Brinker part CSC Livestock Judging Team


WARNER, Okla. – Owen Brinker of Perrysburg is serving as a member of the Connors State College Livestock Judging Team.

Brinker is a sophomore at CSC and pursuing an Associates of Science degree Animal Science. He is the son of Matt and Kristi Brinker.

Livestock Judging Team members evaluate both breeding and market animals for beef cattle, sheep, goats and swine to determine their value relative to current industry trends. After placing the class the students will then defend their placing by presenting oral reasons to an official judge. The participation in livestock judging will enhance the student’s critical thinking and decision making skills while also developing public speaking ability.

Connors State has a rich tradition in livestock judging by consistently being one of the top programs in the United States for the last 30 years with numerous top-5 finishes and several academic-All Americans.

CSC’s Livestock Judging Team travels all over the state of Oklahoma and throughout the Midwest to practice and compete. They visit ranches, university farms and regional and national fairs and livestock shows. Through their travels team members will get to meet and workout with many of today’s elite animal operations and meet some of the top producers in the nation.

The Connors State College Livestock Judging Team coach is Daniel Lujan.

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