Title of an article matters: Don’t get cute


To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter, responding to the chosen title for the letter to the editor on Jan. 25 (Pemberville woman bets that sports gambling will harm), concerning the recent legalizing of online sports gambling in Ohio.

I agree with the letter wholeheartedly. In my opinion the word “bet” comes across as mocking or trying to be “cutesy” (for lack of better word) and demeans the seriousness of the letter.

My husband thinks I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but it seems to me in the newspaper business a title of an article matters, and the intent can be meant to sway opinion.

Also, you should know Addie Brandt is my mother and for this reason also I feel compelled to share my concern. Thank you for hearing me out.

Melissa Sapp


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