Ohio rainy day fund was lightening strike to national debt

To the Editor:

Gov. Mike DeWine proudly announced the largest rainy day fund in Ohio history (DeWine announces largest ‘rainy day’ fund in Ohio history, Jan. 23 Sentinel-Tribune). Nearly$3.5 billion, due to conservative management and sound budgeting. The Director of the Office of Budget and Management added, “conservative approach to fiscal management is providing strong returns.”

The State of Ohio received $5.4 billion in the American Rescue Plan Act funds. Total federal dollars coming into Ohio from this Act was $26 billion; $9.9 billion in federal dollars are coming to Ohio through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. While Republicans in Ohio and Washington bemoan the national deficit and debt, Ohio receives $35.9 billion from these two acts alone.

Good thing we have “conservative management and sound budgeting, providing strong returns.”

We have the largest rainy day fund in Ohio history and only added $35.9 billion to the national debt.

Russell Griggs