Police: Marshmallows with nails, hooks found in neighborhood


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (AP) — Marshmallows embedded with tack nails and fishing hooks have been left in a suburban Detroit neighborhood.

The marshmallows were found by pet owners on four occasions since last spring, police in Farmington Hills said.

“At this time, it is suspected that these marshmallows are being placed on the ground to attract and cause harm to area pets and or wildlife,” police said in a release. “To date, the department is not aware of any animals or individuals being harmed by these marshmallows.”

Marshmallows have been found twice since Sunday. They also were found in December. The first was discovered last May.

Erika Hatcher’s dog, Diesel, put one in his mouth, she told WXYZ-TV.

“He is OK, but it was a close call,” Hatcher said. “Those nails going through your intestines would kill you. A child or dog.”

Dawn Smith’s husband found a marshmallow with nails in it and called police.

“It was actually right here on this corner, one of her favorite sniffing spots,” said Smith, referring to an area where she walks her dog.

Farmington Hills is northwest of Detroit.

Police Chief Jeff King said the marshmallows have been found in a “very concentrated area to the distance of approximately five to six homes in this area.”

Hatcher believes pets are being targeted.

“My personal belief is that someone’s mad that people are letting their dogs go to the bathroom on their yard,” she said. “My dog literally could be dead right now.”

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