PERRYSBURG – Penta Career Center has established several short and long-range projects for campus.

Board member Judith Paredes reported at Wednesday’s meeting that a buildings and grounds committee meeting was held Jan. 4 to discuss property and facility repairs, maintenance and improvement.

Superintendent Ed Ewers and Operations Supervisor Kevin Baker provided a list of projects to tackle over the next several years.

The projects include enhancing security features on campus, renovating the culinary restaurant and cosmetology labs, upgrading the ring road and additional egress off campus, replacing the chiller system and addressing the 12-plus acres of roofing for the building.

There also is a need for additional cold storage space and the expansion of career tech programming at the high school and adult level, Paredes said.

As enrollment continues to increase, the impact on the commons area and meeting/event spaces also will be felt and needs to be addressed, she said.

All projects will be paid for by the permanent improvement funds currently being collected and will be achieved over several years, Paredes said.

The board approved a request to go out to bid for the ring road resurfacing project and waived competitive bidding for the security upgrades being planned.

By waiving bidding, the district does not have to publish its security plan with blueprints and drawings, said Treasurer Carrie Herringshaw.

After an executive session, the board updated its contracts with Ewers and Herringshaw.

Ewers’ contract was extended to July 31, 2028, with an annual salary beginning at $155,000. A one-time performance-based stipend of $5,000 to be paid as soon as practical.

All other terms and conditions of his contract effective Jan. 1, 2020 remain in effect.

Herringshaw also will get a one-time performance-based stipend of $5,000 to be paid as soon as practical.

Also at the meeting, the board heard Michele Johnson, who is the med tech programs and medical office management instructor, and Makaylah Crawford, a senior from Lake High School, report on the annual blood drives held at Penta.

The school holds three blood drives a year for students and staff plus two community blood drives, Johnson said.

“It’s a nice experience for students to do something outside the classroom,” she said.

The medical office management students run the registration while the med tech students assist the donors to the rest stations.

The school’s digital arts program designs the banners, Johnson said.

Crawford said she likes to participate because, as a phlebotomy student, she gets to watch the Red Cross workers take blood.

The next community blood drive is April 10.

Crawford also is enrolled in adult education’s phlebotomy program, which meets twice a week for 100 hours.

“It’s nice to see the high school students commit to that kind of time,” Ewers said.

“I love students taking advantage of those opportunities,” said Ryan Lee, director of career and technical education.

Also at the meeting, the board:

• Reelected Sander as president and Eric Bennington as vice president.

• Welcomed Joan Kuchcinski, who was appointed to serve on the board until Dec. 31, 2025. She represents the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West and replaces James Telb.

• Voted to keep the 5:15 p.m. meeting time on the second Wednesday of each month.