Perrysburg schools plan for eclipse


PERRYSBURG — It may be 16 months away, but Perrysburg students know already that they will have April 8, 2024 as a day off school.

Superintendent Tom Hosler explained the expected total solar eclipse to the board of education at this month’s workshop meeting.

He said that there are all of the regular considerations, with holidays, testing and union requirements, but that various public safety organizations in the county have also asked for the schools to not be in session on April 8, 2024, because of the eclipse.

The center of the eclipse path will go just to the south of Wood County. Because of Perrysburg’s location at the junction of the Ohio Turnpike 80/90 and Interstate 75, Wood County Emergency Management is recommending that all of Wood County be prepared for a large influx of eclipse watchers that weekend.

April 8 is a Monday and a prediction for the population to double that weekend could result in traffic problems.

Also at the meeting, the board approved Jan. 10 at 5:30 p.m., as the date for the public organizational meeting which is to determine the next school year’s calendar. The meeting will be held in the Commodore Building cafeteria. The meeting will also include committee structures.

Immediately prior to tonight’s regular board meeting, there will be a retirement celebration at 5 p.m. for Lila Szozda, food service director, and Pam Tyson, who does payroll in the fiscal services department. The event will take place in the Commodore Building gymnasium.

Board member Lori Reffert updated the board on their adopted Christmas tree. It is one of the larger trees along Louisiana Avenue that were donated by the owners of Swig.

The board also approved the consent agenda, which approved various departments substitutes, stipends, supplementals and other personnel related actions.

The Info Snap enrollment platform for new students is also being replaced by Final Forms, which will be rolled out by Patty Harr, at a cost of $5,000, effective Nov. 21 through July 31. The Final Forms software has already been successfully in use for several years for both high school and junior high athletics. The contract for Info Snap was not renewed.

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