2 Michigan men arrested for theft in BG


Two Michigan men were arrested for allegedly stealing power tools from a Bowling Green home improvement store.

On Wednesday at 11:42 a.m., Bowling Green police responded to a theft call at Home Depot. While en route, dispatched advised a gun was involved.

One man told police he saw a man push out a cart loaded with tools while people were yelling at him so he confronted the man in the parking lot and tried to stop him. He told police he had a gun but had stabbed the right rear tire of the vehicle, which was described as a gray Cadillac SUV, to prevent the vehicle from leaving, according to the Bowling Green Police Division report.

Witnesses reported the man put some of the tools he allegedly stole in the SUV and then took off with the back hatch open. The vehicle slowed and a man in the parking lot who was running after it jumped in the back hatch and then closed it.

They said the vehicle sped to South Main Street, ran the red light then continued southbound and then east on U.S. 6.

Dispatch advised a Wood County Sheriff’s Office deputy was out with the vehicle at the southbound I-75 rest area. A BGPD officer arrived and observed two deputies had two men at gunpoint. It appeared that the two men had been in the process of changing the Cadillac SUV tire, according to the report.

A woman said she took a picture of the suspect with her phone and a BGPD officer confirmed that was the man at the rest stop with a Cadillac SUV.

Video at the store showed the men entering with carts through the Pro Lumber doors then splitting up. Video showed the men loading a cart near an island of Dewalt tool kits then splitting up again.

One man, identified as Sean Hawes, walked with the cart out of the closest register doors and the other, identified as Ibrahim Fayz, exited the Pro Lumber doors, according to the report.

A deputy transported Hawes to jail and a BGPD officer returned to Home Depot with Fayz.

Fayz said he barely knows Hawes but was offered $100 to load and unload something, according to the report. He said Hawes told him to grab a cart and he didn’t know Hawes was going to steal anything but once everyone was yelling at the checkout he knew what was going on and ran outside to not be left behind because he lives so far away.

He was asked if he thought it odd they drove all the way from Dearborn, Michigan, to Bowling Green and he said he did not, according to the report.

Six Dewalt Atomic Tool Kits and two Dewalt Lithium-Ion tool kits totally $4,732 were taken.

Fayz, 53, and Hawes, 36, both of Dearborn, were taken to jail and charged with felony theft/shoplifting.

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