Charges of rape are dismissed against Lima man


Charges of rape have been dismissed against a Lima man.

Wood County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dexter Phillips dismissed two charges of rape, without prejudice, Tuesday against William Alford-Jahnz, 21.

The case was heard in the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Matt Reger.

To dismiss the case without prejudice means the plaintiff is allowed to re-file charges.

Phillips said the decision was made after information was recently brought to his office that was exculpatory in nature, and after a lengthy discussion with the victim.

“It has become impossible for the state to move forward with the case,” he said.

Alford-Jahnz was indicted in May for two counts rape, both first-degree felonies, after he was accused of engaging in sexual conduct twice with a woman on Dec. 18 by propelling her to submit by force or threat of force.

Defense attorney Esteban Callejas entered not guilty pleas in June, and said his client denied any involvement.

According to Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson, the case was dismissed because new information was provided to his office from witnesses which conflicted with the prosecutor’s previous information on the nature of the relationship between the alleged victim and Alford-Jahnz and the events that transpired the night of the alleged offense.

“This information led this office to believe that we would not be able to demonstrate the case of beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said via email.

It is the duty of the prosecutor’s office to proceed only on those cases where we have reasonable confidence in the accuracy of the facts we have, Dobson said.

“We believe that the public expects that we will zealously prosecute criminal offenses. However, they also expect that we will also seriously evaluate our cases throughout the prosecution and react appropriately should new information develop,” he said.

The effect that this information had on the case and the decision of the office to dismiss the charges was discussed with the alleged victim, he said.

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